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September 19 2007

What's a Blucas? Interesting article about Marc Blucas, his lifelong relationship with basketball and his upcoming role in The Jane Austen Book Club.

Actually quite interesting. Marc sounds like a nice guy!

What a hoot. I feel sorry for the Wake Forrest fans though, they really missed out. Imagine all of the fun they could've had with a name like "Captain Cardboard."
I always enjoyed the Blucas.
I always liked Riley.
Wow. I had no idea that MB had an NC connection, much less a past in ACC basketball, one of the few sports I follow. Fun facts!

The Jane Austen Book Club is a good light read, and though I don't expect much from the movie, the cast looks good. I'll probably check it out sooner or later.
I thought Riley was a terrific character, and his development was fascinating.

Used to work with a woman who went to Wake Forest when Marc was there...she said she and her friends used to call him "that cute basketball player."
Hmm. Seems from the article that we were both 1Ls at Wake Law at the same time. I knew he went to Wake, not about the law school. And I have no recollection of him, but that means nothing. You spend your first year being so scared that, if someone's not in your 40-person section, you really don't meet them. Then again, maybe he never attended, having been "bitten by the bug."

In which case, I wish to the Educational Loan Gods that I'd gotten the crumbs of his scholarship!
When Riley first appeared, I had a slight crush on him... towards the end of his run I was thinking "Bored now." But then when he reappeared with Mrs. R, I was happy to see him again... and thought Willow's comment on Mrs. R at the end was perfect.

It will be nice to see more of The Blucas!
This is a great article, thanks for linking it!

I'm a huge ACC fan, and I love Marc, and Riley, so this makes me happy. I love the Tim Duncan story and I hope they do put that on the DVD!
So his pro career with the Italian League wasn't considered a major pro sports accomplishment? So I can elave him off my list of "Athletes of Note Who Became Actors of Note"?
Thanks for posting the link. This is a very nice article about Marc. I hope this new movie (which opens all over on Oct. 5th) does very well.

I liked him as Riley and I have several of the movies he's been in. While few of the movies aren't the most riviting, I've always enjoy Marc's performances and that's something I cannot say of most Jossverse actors.

By the way, does anyone know where I can get a copy or two of his movie After Sex? I cannot find it anywhere and the trailer from the myspace page is great. I found it very funny....and ETA-It doesn't look like it's been released yet.

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A dear friend of mine who died of cancer a few years ago grew up with Marc. She knew him mostly for his basketball and was surprised when she saw him in Buffy. I really miss her.

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