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September 19 2007

"No Whedon, no problem". A comic book store owner tells Wizard Magazine about the sell out success for Buffy #6 and his hopes for IDW's Angel: After The Fall mini-series.

I went to a comic book store for the first time this past weekend to set up subscriptions (yay, TFAW let me out of my pre-orders!) and saw a bunch of copies of Buffy #6. I'm not sure if they'd already ordered any copies of Angel: After The Fall - the clerk at first didn't remember who was publishing it until I told him. With any luck, I won't be the only person to order it. I can't wait for it to come out!
No matter how many copies we order, we sell out as we get at least three new customers a week looking to pick up the entire run.

That. Is. Fantastic.

I wonder what the success rate is like for those people who walk into a shop and want Buffy issues 1-6. I wonder if they have to hunt around at a few different shops before it works out, or if other shops like this one are continuing to reorder each issue.
In a similar vein from the recent Diamond Summit (via Publishers Weekly):

The publisher also touted Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon, which has been a sales smash since Season 8 debuted earlier this year (although there was some retailer grumbling about availability of the Buffy Omnibus).

I hope Brian Lynch's other 'verse-related books get restocked as well. Can't get my hands on the second issue of the hilarious Spike: Shadow Puppets run.
Well IDW are doing a second printing of the following Angelverse TPBs to coincide with the release of the first issue of Angel: After The Fall.

Angel: The Curse
Angel: Old Friends
Spike (the collection of the three Spike one-shots)
Spike vs Dracula (highly recommended, I loved this mini-series).
I have to agree. The first time I read through #6 I thought, "that is some classic, awesome Whedon right there!" I only realized it was written by Brian the next day!

"...for lo, like Kurt Russel before me..."

Great stuff!
And it's not "No Whedon." It's not just Whedon-fluenced and Whedon-spired, it's thoroughly Whedon-hanced; one might say Whedon-powered.
So that's why I can't find the #*@*^!@*$()%$#&*^@ thing....
It's not just Whedon-fluenced and Whedon-spired, it's thoroughly Whedon-hanced; one might say Whedon-powered.

The inks are 100% soy-based Whedon. The paper is 30% post-consumer Whedon. The shipping boxes he has nothing to do with, because he is very busy.
The paper is 30% post-consumer Whedon.

Note to self: Wear gloves while handling Buffy comics in future. Also, no more licking the pages.
You're too funny, Sunfire & Saje.
Shoulders of giants in my case. The "shipping boxes" bit gave me a very welcome laugh after/while having a bit of a shit week at work (so cheers Sunfire - and Pointy ;).
Also, no more licking the pages.

Clearly not a serious collecter.

Ok, in seriousness, when certain debates get to me, and I think things are overly serious, my reaction is humor. Not that it happened within this thread, but the "Who REALLY should be nominated for godhood for issue #6?!! It's got a writer AND a Joss!" thing is getting to me lately.

Often my humor doesn't convey easily through text (or, there is nothing actually humorous to begin with, cases vary). So I'm glad someone gets a laugh out of it every now and then. Especially on a bad day, Saje.

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