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September 19 2007

Christian Kane, Mercedes McNab, Elisabeth Rohm, Michael Muhney & Ellen Muth coming to Australia in October! The Hub Productions have just announced their fifth guest for the October 27/28 convention happening in Sydney and Melbourne.

Five guests will be attending this upcoming convention - Christian Kane (Angel), Mercedes McNab (BtVS, Angel), Elisabeth Rohm (Angel, Law and Order), Michael Muhney (Veronica Mars) and Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me).
Dates for the convention are Saturday 27th October in Sydney, Sunday 28th October in Melbourne.
Day tickets start from just $90 with VIP for $400 and Platinum VIP for $600 (limited to only 10 per city!).

There is also mention on their website for a Serenity convention happening in Sydney & Melbourne on 5th/6th April, 2008. Tickets are available for sale for this event also. No guests announced as yet.

The Hub put on great conventions, for both the celebrity guests and us general punters! I would highly recommend that people get at least a VIP ticket (if they can) as the cocktail parties are a fantastic soirée on their own! I had a wonderful time mingling with Amber Benson, Adam Busch, Tom Lenk and Danny Strong at the Hub's Buffy convention last year. And don't even get me started on how awesome Tony Head was at the convention this February! *dies*

Hooray! I'm going, I can't wait. The Hub conventions are pretty much my favourites ever. I was waiting for the final guest to be confirmed to post this here, but you beat me to it!

[ edited by Green Queen on 2007-09-19 14:58 ]
lol! yeah, i've been eagerly waiting for the final guest announcement before posting something up here! and it's Christian Kane! OMG!
We are seriously going to die from too much pretty being in the one room!
Yay! Must buy ticket...
of course you must!
i'm waiting to see how my finances go cos if they go well, i'm soooo gonna do both sydney and melbourne for this one!
I'm only going to Melbourne, unfortunately. No way could I afford a trip to Sydney as well...
Gah! Buffiness you do all the cons! Lucky cowgirl! I'm so very very happy about Christian Kane and Michael Muheny! It's going to be a great con this year! The HUB do a fantastic job.
well, like I said...depends on finances!
but certainly will be doing both Sydney and Melbourne for the Serenity convention next year!

hehe nixy...well i try to do as many as i possibly can! and i blame Hub for giving me the convention fever! Have to say that as awesome as Comic Con is, I much prefer the smaller cons like Hub - much more personal and relaxed and you get to have some great chats with the guests.

[ edited by buffiness on 2007-09-20 03:28 ]
Is there much of a difference between Sydney and Melbourne, Hub-wise?

[ edited by BlindHawkeyes on 2007-09-24 16:12 ]
I've only ever been to Hub cons in Sydney, not in Melbourne (yet). But as far as I'm aware, they're good anywhere!

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