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September 19 2007

Amber Benson's "Death's Daughter". Amber lands a three book deal with Penguin, and this will be her first release.

From the press release: DEATH'S DAUGHTER, the story of a young woman trying to make it as a young urban professional in NYC who slowly comes to realize that her father is actually the Grim Reaper and that she must rescue him after he's kidnapped by unknown forces in order to save her entire family (not to mention the world.

Does she save the world a lot? Or just the once...
Does Mandy Patinkin play her dad?
Good for Amber!
Look, author Amber flies solo! Coolness, much. :)

Now if I could only get one of my four novels published...
Penguin, huh? That's the big time. Not fooling around with the small presses like us lesser mortals.

Good for you, Amber.
You know, I saw Amber today and she never mentioned this. How rude!

Now I realise that I'm only posting this to name drop cause I met Amber today. My only excuse is that I am very giddy about it.
Awesome! I shall be reading.
I'm constantly amazed by the little gems of information that show up on this site! Good for Amber!
Nah, you don't want Mandy Patinkin since he never sticks around. As to Amber, this is a great development. I assume this is sort of on spec, since I am certain that perhaps only the first has been written. Go forth and Buy, young Padawan!
Cider, I don't blame you, I'd be giddy too.

That's great for Amber, couldn't happen to a nicer girl!
Congratulations to Amber. What a show of confidence to give her a three-book deal. I wonder if they're going to be a trilogy or three separate books. I look forward to reading them.
I may feel obligated to get them, out of sheer loyalty, even tho the plot doesn't really sound like my cup of Darjeeling with 2 packs of Equal.

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