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September 19 2007

Vincent Kartheiser's "Mad Men" Renewed. Variety reports that Mad Men has been renewed. Michael Ausiello says so too.

This is such a superior show. I'm so happy to see Whedon alums working on such an esteemed project. And the writing? Terrific. I can't begin to tell you how much I dig this show. Vincent and Christina deliver such great performances each week. It's a joy to watch them.


I'm not knocking 'sci-fi channel movies' but I wish more of our Whedon alums could find projects like this one instead.

Who knows. Maybe Nick Brendon can pop in for a guest spot on the show. *fingers crossed*

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Excellent. I'm enjoying this show. I normally stay away from pure drama (I get bored) - but I find Mad Men to be fascinating.
I have this show a shot abut after episode 4 or so, whatever episode the birthday party was in, I just interested. I realized I spent the entire time waiting for the show to be over so I could watch the episode of Burn Notice that I'd recorded.
Perhaps it was just not your cup of tea. To each his own. However, I think most people will agree that it is an excellent show and much smarter than the formulaic crap that most networks insist on feeding us every week, if you ask me.

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It suddenly occurred to me that I've seen it written wrong so many times, I really thought his name was Mark Ausiello. -_-;
Can't wait to catch up with this on DVD. I'm watching VK in S4 of Angel right now and, despite his feelings about being on the show and his difficulty with the role, it's impressive how good he is. To see him in a project he really feels compelled by will be a real pleasure.

[Edit: Unfortunately, no cable for me, kerfuffle. I'm patient, though -- I mean, I only just finished Deadwood... ;]

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All of the eppys are available for free with cable 'On Demand'.

Also, I never really appreciated VK's range as Connor until later in S5 (after he played a happy, well adjusted Conner). I didn't realize he had difficulty with the part or with the show.

[ edited by kerfuffle on 2007-09-19 23:40 ]
I thought it had just started....
Oh hallelujah!

Kerfuffle, I couldn't agree more with your comments. I have been talking this show up to everyone who will listen. This is the first show in ages that makes me feel really bummed when each episode is over. It is absolutely brilliant. I feel like I am getting so much insight into issues that the brave women before me dealt with. Its both enlightening, pretty, gorgeous, and iconic. LOVE IT. This news made my day!
Oh lord, how did I not know this was even on at all? Huh, what, what what? Maybe it's the two job thing. So glad I popped in and can now rectify this horrible mistake. I miss seeing Kartheiser (though Angel repeats on an endless loop on TNT in the mornings; it's my wake up show. Currently it's on the Jasmine arc 8.0 or however many times I've seen it. Never gets boring.) and based on what he did on Angel I have always wanted to see him do something different. Thanks for the info.
war_machine, I was watching an ep of Burn Notice and couldn't wait for it to be over so I could watch the ep of Mad Men that was waiting for me ;) To be fair I've seen every ep of Mad Men and just now got around to starting to watch Burn Notice (there's a stack of them on the ol' DVR), so that may change after I've seen a few more eps. I'll let you know :)
This is good news. Of the new summer shows, this and Damages are my favorites. Both are well written, neither is formulaic, and the casts in each are outstanding.
This is most excellent news!

Like Salty Goodness, I also feel bummed when each episode is over and then I greedily wait for the next. It's so well written, with complex situations and characters that defy expectations and the production design and cinematography are of a quality you don't see that often on TV these days.

No matter what opinion you may have of Vincent and Christina's characters, it can't be denied that they are both totally convincing as those characters. There's no real thought of Connor or our Mrs Reynolds. Well done!
I did think Vincent looked too young for the character, but then I think everybody looks too young these days.
Christina H. smolders in every scene she is in. Vincent's character seems to be misogynist to the core. What a great show. A greenlit second season is great news. Everyone involved deserves continued success.
Maria Jacquemetton, who along with her husband Andre, is a producer on this show, and has written a few episodes is the Head of the writing program at Vancouver Film School, a program which I am currently in. :D:D

So I have two pretty big reasons to watch (and enjoy) it.

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A world of *YAY'S*!!! This show is just too good to be true, I was so afraid it was actually too good to get renewed.

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