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September 20 2007

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters in 'P.S. I Love You'. The trailer for the movie has finally appeared online. So if you're curious to see what James looks like in the movie, now's your chance.

Woah! Blink and you miss him.
Wow no kidding. I spotted him twice (but the first time I obviously blinked and missed him so I had to go frame by frame :) )

Still, looks like a pretty good, mushy movie.
james looks gorgeous as always but cant believe they never put his name up thats ruined my day lol :(
As much as I would love to see James on the big screen, if he isn't in it for more than five minutes (since he's said his juicy, emotional scene was cut) I think I'll have to wait for this on DVD-- 'cause I think all that feel-good-chick-flickiness would prompt a whole lotta not-so-feel-good throwing up.
The clip got better once I turned the sound off! Definitely waiting for the DVD, but the ick factor is already pretty high... although the cast does look good. (And some look great...)
I guess I blinked both times.
Ooh, my uncle was a steadicam operator on this. I don't think he worked on any of Marsters' parts though.
Yeah it's a bit James light for my taste, but he does look fabulous in it.
Unfortunate that his big scene was cut, sigh.

It does look a bit excessively chick flicky for my taste, the "romantic" Hilary/Gerald scenes in the trailer anyway.

Still, I look forward to James on the big screen, and from what I understand it was a really enjoyable experience for him so its all good.
I missed him too, barboo!

This looks terribly sweet and romantic to me. Guess I'm a sucker :)
I watched it a second time and finally caught a glimpse. I like him better with his hair grown out a bit. I think it makes him look younger.
Nope. Can't do it. Not even on DVD. Not even for James.
It look alright to me.

And hey, it's James. He looks great, loving the curly hair.
Truthfully, I didn't pay much attention to what was going on in the trailer, as I was too busy trying to spot James. After a number of blinks/goofs, I finally found the two split-second images of him. Soooo, because it's James, I'll be there in the theater waiting for whatever glimpses of him are provided. Hopefully, the rest of the movie will be okay, though I won't really care dreadfully much as long as James has his big-screen moment(s).
Here's my only gripe: Although I am very pleased that James is getting work (so as to keep me from having some serious withdrawal issues), I'm finding it hard to understand why he's not being offered roles with more meat. He's a fabulous actor when given half a chance. It's not like people don't have plenty of reference. It just boggles my mind since I know that he is so good at taking a role and making it all his own.
A big disappointment, but I feel kind of grateful as now I don't have to even think about watching this movie.
I read the script. That part is tiny.

P.S.: The script sucks.
Here's my only gripe: Although I am very pleased that James is getting work (so as to keep me from having some serious withdrawal issues), I'm finding it hard to understand why he's not being offered roles with more meat.

Well this trailer tells you nothing of the part's meatiness, though it does tell you it's a small role. HOWEVER, it's a pretty big name cast. Not everyone from Buffy is doing films with such a big name cast. Also it looks like James is happy to mix film and TV work, which is good - to raise his profile.

We all know that some great acting took place on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. That doesn't always translate to getting meaty roles. Even Boreanaz, who probably has the highest profile post-Buffy/Angel, isn't really being stretched on "Bones".
High profile movie with big name stars = good for James.
Chick-flick ick factor = I'll wait for DVD.
If James had a larger role, I have to admit I'd go see it at the the theater just to support him, but not for a tiny role in something that looks this sappy, excellent cast aside.
Looking forward to his upcoming TV guest shots (Without a Trace and Torchwood) much more.

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