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September 20 2007

New Slayerlit interview: Rebecca Moesta. Another good interview on Slayerlit with Buffyverse novel writers.

I will have to look for this book. I'm a fan of most of the books she listed as enjoying, although she didn't mention Tamora Pierce's books which are among my favourites.

I have also enjoyed Kevin J. Anderson's Star Wars novels (the Jedi Academy ones), so I'll look for their series as well.
Moesta's book is my favorite in the Buffyverse line (and not just because it has Spike on the cover!). Nice interview, too.

Thanks for the link, Dana! And hi, samatwitch!
I found Little Things to be a nice little book, and was secretly pleased that she didn't destroy Sunnydale, a climax so pervasive in many Buffy novelizations that keeping both Xanders in "The Replacement" might have been a good idea, if only to keep on top of the construction issues. Also, it felt a great deal more like an episode of Buffy than most of the novels do: self-contained, some ethically ambiguous monsters, and the usual "moral problem exaggerated and made flesh by magick" idea.

Pity that the books are ending.
Ocular, I've been away from this site for many moons. Is it true that the books are ending? Has there been official word?
SangChaud, yes, official word, I'm afraid. It's elsewhere on Whedonesque, but the books are due to end in early 2008.
The final release from Simon & Schuster will be in January, and will be One Thing or Your Mother by Kirsten Beyer, which she talks about at

However, rumors are swirling about another publisher expressing interest to Fox about picking the franchise up. If I hear anything concrete about that, I'll be sure to post it here.
Cool. Maybe they'll take the franchise more seriously than Simon has.

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