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September 20 2007

"Tru Calling" Price Slashed! are currently offering the R2 box set (both seasons) for the ridiculously low price of 6.97.

They're selling Serenity for 3.98 as well.
I have the Tru Calling R2 DVD already, so this offer is not one I'll be taking advantage of, but it is an amazing price. I thought it was a very enjoyable and fun show to watch and this is a great opportunity for anyone who never got to see it to check it out.
Awww..they need to that over in the US too..:(
Hmm.. you know, I am a HUGE fan of this show, but I never watched the unaired episodes on DVD... Were they any good? Did they end the show? I'm sure they didn't. That's why I never watched it. I just like to pretend they ended the show well, and I just don't know how they did it.

I own the season 2 (Even though it was ridiculously over priced for 6 episodes.) maybe I'll watch it later today.
Dammit! I paid 9.97 only a couple of months ago. Of course, that was already a bargain.

I really liked the last few episodes. No, they didn't wind up the story, but at least the final episode ended on a positive note.

The Tru Calling entry in Wikipedia has some additional info from one of the writers about what was going on in the series and some possible story lines they were planning. Warning: reading this may make you feel even more sick about the show's cancellation!
wow, have some of that...

I've been meaning to buy it for ages but was waiting til I spotted a bargain, I don't think it'll get much more bargainous than that 8)

now I just have to find something to top it up to 15 for free delivery...

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Hmm, not really a fan of the show personally but my girlfriend loves it so this could well be a decent extra little Christmas present, provided that she doesn't see it herself and snap it up. Considering the second mortgage I'll need to take out to pay for the main present she has been hinting about it will be nice to find a few bargains to try and save the bank balance, hehe.
This is the best bargain I've ever seen for any dvd boxset.

I'm a fan of Eliza, and haven't seen all of the shows yet, so this is quite a steal.
I just watched the very last ep, and it is worth seeing if you followed the show. Not closure, but some very interesting developments. The last season showed the sure hand of Espenson as well as that of Dushku. Thank heaven for strong woman characters.

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