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September 20 2007

Christian Kane in Carrie Underwood's new video! Christian stars in Carrie's video 'So Small'.

My son woke up really early this morning, so we turned on the country music channel because it's the only thing he likes. It was 6 am (PT), and they were playing Carrie's video over and over, which I assume is because it was just released. Once I realized the long-haired sexy guy was Lindsey, I was so excited!
Shiny. Hope this brings more attention to the band.
Too bad I can't STAND Carrie Underwood. Otherwise, I'd watch! ;)
If anyone is in the U.S. and wants to see the video on their big screen tv, go to CMT. They are still playing the song over and over. I'm starting to get tired of the same song for the last two hours.
Too bad they didn't let him sing. Or write.
At the risk of sounding like a high court judge, who exactly is Carrie Underwood?
She's the winner of American Idol, season 5. She's really popular with country fans here in the U.S. Her first album went double platinum.
I don't care much for Carrie Underwood or for the song itself but that's a pretty good video with a nice moral to it.

So small, indeed.
CMT is video-heavy again? I recall my ex-wife (soon to be ex hope, that is) back in the late 90s b***hing when they went to programms and movies format.

I've heard Carrie on radio a few times; but i rarely play it except for thje Hall of Fame show Sunday evenings so haven't heard her often.
CMT usually plays videos until around 1 pm (PT).
There is something very appropriate about Angel's very own "Tiny Texan" being in a country music video for a song called 'So Small', hehe.

Carrie's stuff is okay, for the most part. She has a tremendous voice, even if some of her songs are a little bland on the lyrics side. She's no Kelly Clarkson or Chris Daughtry when it comes to raw musical talent but she is one of the few decent acts to come out of Idol. Head and shoulders over certain other "winners". Hicks, I'm looking at you. ;)

Illyria, not that it matters but Carrie won season 4 of Idol, rather than season 5. I still think Bo Bice deserved it more but there ya go...
Well, thanks. I don't watch American Idol, so I wasn't sure. But I'll admit to being a country fan, as well as to listening to every other kind of music out there (except rap, yuck).
Has anyone bought Kane's CD? I'm ordering mine tomorrow, but I wasn't sure if anyone here has listened to and enjoyed it.
I was checking out Christian's site and I happened upon his 'Smoke Signals'. I know it's been mentioned here before, but I noticed him referring to working with a Derek B. (whom does engineering) on his album. It says that Derek works with Carrie Underwood. So now I'm curious if they met through him or if Carrie was just a fan of his work.
I don't like pop country, but this video actually made me tear up. What's up with that?
Preggo? :) I'm kinda contagious that way.
I have both of the KANE CD's (which I would not classify as simple 'country' because it's not), as well as Steve Carlson's CD's and I have enjoyed them all. There should-hopefully-be a new CD out from KANE in early 2008.

There's a lot of musical talent among the the casts of Btvs/Ats/Firefly, actually. Common Rotation is quite good and Andy Hallett is wonderful. James Marsters has a huge following, as well.

ETA-And I can't believe I forgot to mention Anthony Stewart Head. I love the sound of his voice.

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I have James' 'Civilized Man'. I really liked it. The only time I've heard Christian sing was in Angel, but I loved his voice. I'm looking forward to his albums.
Have you been to KANE's myspace page? There are songs there that you can listen to.
I goggled his name and saw it, but I haven't been there yet. I'll go check it out. And Anthony Stewart Head's voice is amazing. Of course, his CD is hard to find over here in the States, but I think I saw it on Amazon before. I have a clip of James doing a speech about wine from ASH's CD.
I've got both Kane CDs as well. I grew up listening to country (Garth Brooks!) but have more or less grown out of it. I don't care for what's on the radio lately because it's waayyy too poppy. I'm calling you out, Rascall Flatts =| . But Kane has a sound and attitude that I really really enjoy.

Some of my faves are Spirit Boy, America High, Pinata Novia, Track 29, and Mary Can You Come Outside. Mary.. is on their myspace right now, but the live version is better because of the sweet backstory.

I just checked the site, and I guess the live CD isn't available anymore. =( You're missing out, Illyria. But their first CD is still pretty rad.

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I bet I can find it somewhere. The miracles of the internet. I'm thrilled to know it's a genuine myspace page. I'm wary of myspace because there are so many fake sites for celebrities. Have you seen the fake Joss page? It's ridiclous! Get a girl's hopes up for nothing.
BTW-Totally agree about Rascal Flatts. Besides the fact that he sounds like a girl, it doesn't even sound remotely country. Keith Urban has been getting pretty bad, too.
I saw some music video on CMT awhile back by some guy named Cowboy Troy. He actually had rap in his song!
KANE's live CD can be ordered here.
Thanks! I was just at his myspace page, and he has a blog that says fans should check out CMT's Top Twenty Countdown today for a surprise. Hmmm...I'm there!
That's the band's blog from last night. It's about the Underwood video. *g*

[ edited by menomegirl on 2007-09-20 21:34 ]
Nevermind. It was just the video I posted to. I was hoping it would be a video by him!
Well, as the only music which I hate hate cannot STAND as much as country is boy band "music", I won't likely be checking out this video :) (but congratulations to Christian on the exposure!). But, I do have Anthony Stewert Head's album (with George Sarah), Music for Elevators; and the store which I bought it from still seems to be carrying it, Illyria. Go to - or and click on the link to the Buffy store; the soundtracks page has ASH's album, as well as several other Buffy and Angel-related CDs. (Power Star has a lot of other nice Whedon-verse merchandise, as well.)
That's awesome and shiny, LKW! I just love that so many of our Buffyverse actors are so talented. I will definitely be checking out this site.
I just had a thought...I bought James' CD back in Feb. but when I received it, there was a big crack from shipping. So now there's a couple skips on every track. His website says they are all sold out. If anyone here knows of somewhere else on the internet that I can purchase it, let me know. If not, if someone has his CD and would burn me a copy, I would be glad to pay for it, plus shipping and handling. Thanks!
I'm with the Pointy guy. Would much rather hear Christian sing than Carrie underwood & even though I haven't heard that much of his music, I'm betting he could write a better song than that. But then I'm not a CW fan,which is I guess why I haven't heard that Much of Christian's music.
Gonna check out the myspace page though, he has a really beautiful voice.
Thanks for the link, menomegirl

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