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September 20 2007

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk in Halo 3! Along with Nathan Fillion. This is the introduction movie from Halo 3.

Nathan was heard in another video (and maybe in this one too, but I couldn't tell.)

You know what i'd pay folding money for ? A series of 'Red vs Blue' with Alan and Nathan playing the leads. That would rule. The World. Forever.

In fact, why not throw the rest of the Serenifly cast in there ? Made, as they say, of win.
I would love that so much. I wonder if anyone else'll show up in Halo 3.
Ooh. I'm not watching the movie, for fear of teh spoilerz, but how awesome to hear that I'll... err... hear from both of them in H3!
I loved that beginning
Pfft... I spit in the general direction of the days in between now and next Tuesday. I wants me some Halo 3, people, let's get a move on!
Consider me spoiled - and with a week to go. Damn, I couldn't help but click that link... and watch... and watch. With a week to go yet, damn!

I don't care how evil Microsoft is, they can damn the earth to hell and I'd still shell out my hard-earned $70.00 for Halo 3 - not to mention my recent expenditures for yet another xBox. 'Course I was there when Bungie demoed the original Halo at the Macworld conference and Bill was watching and said "mine!"...
Weird web glitch cross-posted from another thread. Again, weird!

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I didn't watch it either - don't want to be spoiled this close to release! But so happy to hear that Alan is in it too!
I'll only be playing Halo 3 if it comes out for PC (at this stage, highly unlikely), so thanks for this link - probably the only way I'll get to hear Alan and Nathan.

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