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September 20 2007

(SPOILER) Southland Tales trailer is finally out. Check it out, courtesy of Yahoo Movies.

Well that was interesting, to say the least.
I have to say it does look interesting, but I am wondering if I should drop acid while watching this. Kids still do that these days right?
Very interesting. I didn't know Bai Ling was in the film. She's a strange lady. But, she was in that season one episode of Angel, 'She'.
That was awful. I haven't seen such a mess since I watched the original Casino Royale a few years ago. Unless the trailer is totally unrepresentative of the movie, this'll die the death at the box office.

Though Pixies+Gellar=Good.
I am biased (I adore SMG), but even if she wasn't involved and I had no previous knowledge of the film I suspect that trailer would have made me desperate to see it.

One thing I do agree with Simon about, though, is that it will die a death at the box office - just like 'Donnie Darko' did!
That looked like a gazillion dollars.
I'm in. I liked it!
So I guess the rumors about direct-to-DVD were greatly exaggerated?
Not really sure what to think of that. I've never been entirely certain exactly what Southland Tales was actually about and what I've just seen makes me even less certain. On the other hand, that may not be a bad thing because I usually enjoy movies that I go into with little or no expectations, and this would absolutely qualify.

I'll go see it on the strength of Sarah alone, who looks amazing in those clips, but I actually think this film would tempt my curiosity no matter who was in it.
Ummmm.....Sarah looks great.
The movie looks a mess.
I get the impression that this film is a bit on the existential side. (Did I spell that right?) I'm looking forward to it. Formula movies get boring quickly and even if I don't like it later, at least I had something to think about.
The movie looks funky! Which usually means I'll love it.

I can't wait to see this one.
Well, it's playing on American fears, and marketed like that. Which is a good move, as fear sells. However, it also looks rubbish.
Many a rubbish movie has provided me with countless enjoyable watchings, gossi.

I own Hudson Hawk on DVD. Need I say more?
Yep, I'm just going on gut reaction. I've thought plenty of things looked rubbish but turned out okay (Transformers, anybody?).
I think this quote from Elizabethtown explains it best.
"No true fiasco ever began as a quest for mere adequacy."

I want to see more movie creators strive for the heavens,
because even if they fail, the striving makes the art better.

I will see this, even if only on DVD.
I think this may be the kind of film that would be impossible to sum up in a trailer. I'm a huge Donnie Darko fan, so I'm optimistic about this. I think the trailer makes it seem interesting, however confusing. Like Donnnie Darko, this could be a film you have to see multiple times to understand everything. Just think kind of movie I love!
Ugh. I'm so disappointed. After hearing about this movie for so long, the trailer was just...unimpressive. I am also a Donnie Darko fan and will probably give it a chance on DVD but this really looks a mess to me.
If you want to know more about what it's about . Also if you're interested, be sure to read the graphic novels. They're the first three parts of a six-part story that concludes in the movie.
This definitely seems to be dividing people into either "desperate to see it" or "what a mess!" categories. I belong firmly in the former. I think it looks interesting, both visually and in terms of the utterly bizarre, complex plot and unusual characters.

I'm really hoping that re-editing it gave Richard Kelly a chance to make a film that was still weird and unusual, but not in a pretentious, bloated, weird-for-the-sake-of-weird way. I think Donnie Darko managed to avoid this fate for its darkness tinged with humour and humanity. It sounds like the original cut of Southland Tales did fall into the trap. But I'm hoping that Kelly's vision has been crystalised into a fascinating and poignant film. And from what I've seen so far, I think there's still hope for that.
Forgive me, for I have not been paying attention, and have three questions.

Is this movie a sequel to Donnie Darko?

Are the comics a sequel to Donnie Darko, or only a prequel to this?

How do I ask my local dealer for the three comics (Title, Publisher, ....)

Thank you.
Southland Tales not is related to Donnie Darko. The books are all titled Southland Tales (with three different subtitles), they're by Richard Kelly and Brett Weldele, published by Graphitti Designs. You might be better off ordering them online. The comic store I go to got the first two and sold out, and never got the third.
Thank you! (I'd been asking for the sequel to Donnie Darko, and getting blank looks!)
Yep, same dreamlogic, not been able to track down Vol 3 in shops so am going to order it before the film appears.

That trailer seems a mess but I also find it intriguing in its sprawliness, that might sell it. Absolutely loved 'Donnie Darko' so Kelly has bought himself a lot of credit with me. Add SMG + sci-fi and i'm there with flares, it's on like Donkey Kong, i'd ... quite like to see it.

(and Dwayne Johnson was easily the best thing in "Be Cool" so i'll be keen to see if he's hopelessly miscast - as, frankly, it sometimes seems from the trailer IMO - OR in a career making part a la Travolta and 'Pulp Fiction')

Either way, as others have mentioned, better a glorious failure that's actually trying to say something than a hundred mediocre summer "blockbusters" aimed squarely at the Lowest Common Denominator.

Well, it's playing on American fears, and marketed like that. Which is a good move, as fear sells.

And so does sex. Marketeers, listen carefully, i'm about to give you the keys to the kingdom: Scary Sex. E.g. your Mum and Dad. That puppy practically sells itself.

edited because I checked and 'marketeteers' isn't a word. Yet. Muhahahahahahahahaha.

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I forgot something. The prequel saga is being put out in one volume. says they'll have it Oct. 15 (believe that when I see it) and they have the preorder on sale.
Its Richard Kelly so I'm queuing up to see it as if I were British (they love the queuing). Can't wait, though the trailer looks a bit schizophrenic. Its RICHARD KELLY!!!! Plus SMG and others :) Anyway, Amazon link for those interested int he prequel saga:

clicky clicky
I'm rather looking forward to the movie and if it is a little confusing I don't think I'll mind.
Koven--Big high five on the Hudson Hawk love. (Bunny, ball ball)

This trailer looked a mess. So to confirm a theory I watched a youtube of the Donnie Darko trailer to see what it looked like. Guess what? It looks like a confusing mess. Not that I am suggesting this will be a great movie (or even of a Darko caliber) but for a point of reference, it helps assuage my initial concerns. (Keeping fingers crossed)

And as an aside, I dont think SMG has never looked more beautiful than in this trailer. Maybe it's the Tina Fey we all know, smart chicks are so hot.
Wacky fun! I'll go see it :)
Someone wake me when I can watch it somewhere other than Yahoo!, which refuses to play it without stopping and starting every five seconds.
What a mess! Glorious failures are one thing, but this doesn't even approach glorious.
Looks good to me.
Well color me interested. I don't know quite why I'm so intrigued and longing for the release but I am. It does seem rather quirky, trip-y with a garnish of wacky and for that, along with the wide range of cast members (SMG, Dwayn, Sean, Justin... Mandy...) I want to watch and I will definitely own when it comes out on DVD.

Very much glad we have a trailer now.
Here's 3 other ways to see it

This will either be completely righteous, or a complete disaster.

Then again, there's something to be said for putting oneself out there into that situation.
This looks like the kind of film I am going to become totaly obsessed with, no matter how good or bad it is. I love this kind of film.
I love this kind of film.

Craptacular mish-mash movies? Exactly what kind of film is this?

PREMIERE reviewer Glenn Kenny discusses the film - he's actually seen it.
This looks fun and different. Why are people complaining?

[ edited by Succatash on 2007-09-21 05:16 ]
I guess that since he has the honesty to admit that he doubts that the 18-minute difference in the cut makes much difference, that means he hasn't actually seen it. And since PREMIERE, as you capitalize it, has been dead since this April, I guess it's not so surprising that he hasn't.
He saw the Cannes cut I believe not the current version.
I'm interested now, wasn't before, so I guess the trailer worked. (On the other hand, my taste isn't always mainstream: I thought Zardoz was woefully underappreciated in its day...)

We'll see. I haven't walked out on a film since Reign of Fire, so I may be overdue.
Richard Kelly is amazing; "Donnie Darko" is my favorite film, and had he done the number of projects Joss has put out there, it'd be a tough call as to who I'd like better.

You know that sequence of images at the very beginning that fly by just after the second "this is the way the world ends"? Here's what they are (swipe with your mouse to un-spoilerize):

And since PREMIERE, as you capitalize it, has been dead since this April, I guess it's not so surprising that he hasn't.

He saw the Cannes cut. And the print magazine is dead, but the website continues - as do his reviews and his blog.

The LA Times article he comments on show how self-indulgent Kelly is. Yes, there are three supporting graphic novels. No he hadn't actually finished writing them before the film was made. Now he's recut the film properly because the supporting text is finished? Hmm, think the dude should concentrate on making a good film first.

His riding on the cult of Donnie Darko seven years later is getting a little wearing. Particularly as the Theatrical Cut is superior to his Director's Cut - that says something.
Crossoverman, your posts suggest to me you have already decided the film is, or is almost certain to be, "craptacular". This is fair enough, there is no reason why anyone should be required to like it - whether they have seen it or not. The comments made by Glenn Kenny you link to suggest he is very hostile towards the film - and I am sure the cut he viewed is not so different to the one now about to be released that his opinion is likely to change. However, his is a subjective opinion, like anyone else.

If I based my decision to watch or not watch films squarely on the reviews I read my DVD collection would be decimated. That might simply be a damning comment about my tastes, but I trust my own judgement of those tastes than those of film critics who, whatever they might claim to the contrary, are just as subjective in their opinions as the rest of us.

I think the only way to decide about a film is to watch it and make a personal judgement - or to simply ignore it altogether. There are plenty of films I have no interest in ever seeing and that is exactly what I do (or, I guess, don't do). 'Southland Tales' might very well be a mess and the trailer might or might not prove this, but I still have high hopes and my bias towards it probably means I will like it. If it turns out to be a disaster, well, so be it.
Damn. That trailer makes it look... really good. Maybe it's the magical trailer making people spinning their magic on me.

I'm still not that impressed by the clips that were linked a week or two ago. And the reviews are, well, pretty much unanimous, still. But damn if that doesn't make it look interesting. That trailer makes me want to go see it, is what it does.

Even if the movie is awful, maybe that can win best trailer.

[ edited by dispatch on 2007-09-21 11:24 ]
Glen Kenny's blog post doesn't make me not want to see the film, it makes me think he has some sort of personal vendetta against Richard Kelly (or 'asshole' as the big professional reviewer guy calls him).
crossoverman, I also prefer the theatrical to the director's cut of Donnie Darko. So we agree on something. Have you read the graphic novels, so that you understand how complex the story is? I don't know, since I haven't seen the film, if Richard Kelly has actually been able to effectively tell that story in film. But I've seen enough to respect his effort. The label "self-indulgent" can be applied to any artist who isn't making cute anthropomorphic animal movies for Disney, in Hollywood parlance. What do you mean by it?
"know-something-ish" and "I'd say you clearly didn't take enough punches to the face, sir" are all I need to reject this guy's opinion out of hand.
I think this looks fantastic! It not the usual formulatic movie, so it appeals to me much more. I had no idea The Rock was in it (and keeping all his tattoos instead of having them covered up!) and really had no idea what it was supposed to be about. I can't wait to see it.
Ack. I love Donnie Darko to an incredible degree, but Kelly's director's cut totally lost the meaning of the original, which I guess should've been a warning sign.

This looks terrible. Talk about a bad cast (except for SMG, and Mandy Moore was actually good in Saved! so I don't know about her).

Trailers can really fuck things up, though, or place them out of context, so I'll still definitely go see it, albeit with some major reservations.
Aw, c'mon - The Rock as a twitchy pimp! What's not to love? SMG looks great, I love action flicks, it has a 5th Element vibe to it - I'll be there opening night.

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