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September 20 2007

Can't Stop the Serenity Charity Screening Ann Arbor, MI Sat & Sun. Why stop at raising $113,320.87 for charity in 2007? And Atlanta, Georgia on the 30th! Also you can read the "What Are The Plans For CSTS 2008".

They are already "conferring and planning and plotting and possibly scheming".

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Ah, but are they conspiring?
Also note in the hand-off letter from Devin to Beth that Portland held onto the Grizwald. ;)
Craig Oxbrow | September 21, 03:44 CET
Ah, but are they conspiring?

That too. It just wasn't in the quote from Firefly episode: War Stories.


Whoo-hoo! Congratulations!

Portland, OR - $13,150
I love this charity and I'm excited to see how much we can raise next year. In fact how much we can surpass next year!
I already can't wait... This year's event is in my top three best moments of 2007 (so far - and it will be hard to top)! It's really special that we can take our love for a movie/TV universe and turn it into $100,000 worth of love towards making the world a better place... Makes me proud to be a Browncoat.
Also note in the hand-off letter from Devin to Beth that Portland held onto the Grizwald. ;)

Good work.
Man, I'm so sad that this year Cleveland only brought in $400. I mean, I'm so glad that at the end of the day there were 400 smackers to hand over to a charity; that's always a good. But so few people showed up and it was barely advertised; in fact, I don't think they had a venue secured until about a week beforehand.

I sincerely hope things go better for Cleveland next year, and that we still do it (the possibility of it not happening was brought up--briefly, I should add--in the Ohio Browncoats Yahoo! group).

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What you talking about? You ought to be proud! Especially with having to deal with having the venue secured so late.
Cleveland topped what they did last year. 2006 Cleveland OH (US) $350.00

Everybody have fun?
Saw the movie?
Turned a profit for a charity?

I call that a win!

And next year, you'll be able to tell strangers to Serenity/Firefly that the Captain is the OBGYN from Desperate Housewives and Waitress and that River is the Terminator etc etc.

Nathan has been working get ready for those desperate housewives. Clips of the new season on Sunday!
Hey, I'm very proud that we local Browncoats netted money for charity and got together to watch Serenity! That's just awesome. It really surprises me, though, to learn that this year topped last year money-wise, as there were so few people compared to last and admission this time was free, so I guess that's even more impressive considering it was all from donations or raffles.

The people who ran the venue (not the people who ran the screening, I want to emphasize that as much as possible) weren't very nice to us and we had some troubles getting food; the venue was half-restaurant so we were bringing food up to the screening and the people in the restaurant half basically treated us as second-class citizens.

At the end of the day, did I have a good time? Most definitely. I just wish that there would be more people to share the fun with!

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