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September 21 2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar's money saving tips. A cute article about how Sarah saves money.

Makes sense. No reason to waste money if you don't have to. And hey, riding a bike is good exercise!
Awww. Her bike matches my bright pink Hello Kitty band aids!
Great minds...
Well, check out the carbon footprint on her!
Too bad there wasn't a picture of her with the bike. It makes me miss the one I had that was all purple with silver glitter in the seat padding. I guess her bike riding might balance out all the nasty chemicals used for most dry cleaning.
She seems cool. And I don't often have that thought after celebrity interviews.
I think this is a pic of the bike (sans streamers)
A scan of the front cover of Self magazine is available at SMGfan here (news item 09/18/07), with a link to the forum, where there are scans to the complete interview, including a picture of the bike.

Edited because I have suddenly lost the ability to spell words correctly.

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I was reeally unfortunate in being too cowardly as a child to learn to ride one.

I could be sarcastic about say it helps her to save up for those $85-a-serving sushi lunches in Tokyo except that 1- I believe in saving money when you can no matter how much you have. (especially given Manhattan and LA Basin living costs!) 2-I never ciricize anyone spending money they can afford.

Seriously, it's not just cute but also shows she deserves to have fans since evne tho she can afford not to she still thinks like any other working person. Reminds me of Tammy Wynette saying "Like the women I meet who listen to my records, I'm a working wife and mother. I just have a different job."

In a way it's kind of the oddness of celebrity. We *expect* them to be extravagant and "un-bright" so we praise them for doing what is just ordinarily expected behavior in other walks of life.
Basically it's good because celebs are "willthey or nillthey" role models.
Bloomingdales has coupons?!

This is so cool to me. I am a big fan of personal finance blogs like Get Rich Slowly, and you would be surprised a)how simple it is to save money and get rich, and b)how few people actually do it. In "The Millionaire Next Door" we learn that most millionaires drive older cars, don't buy tons of clothes, and use coupons and other kinds of discounts. So this article sez to me that Sarah is not just smart and talented, but also wise. This coupled with her recent visit to Latin American girls' schools gives me renewed respect for her as a person.

DaddyCatALSO, what are willthey/nillthey role models?

Though to be fair, according to what I know about the transit options in NYC, biking is a reasonable response. Owning and driving a car in the city is a recipe for madness. You can:

--use loads of public transportation + walk everywhere, which is what most ppl do, along with the occasional cab.

--have a private driver and car, which is prohibitively expensive.

--have a car service on constant call, plus cabs.

Really, biking it is just overall smart. I bet in L.A. she had a car and drove herself, which is just not feasible in New York, the one American city that is truly car-unfriendly.
ohbejoyful; The term "willy-nilly" meaning, sort of, all over the palce, derives from an odler expression "Will he or nil he" which means, sort of, it's what he's going to find himself doing whether he wants to or not. I just invented a plural for it.

Which, seeing it in print, is amazingly egotistical even by my standards.
Sarah must've gotten the same lecture about bike-buying they gave at my old school..."buy an expensive lock and a cheap bike, preferably in pink or neon orange." I love the idea of her zooming down Broadway with streamers flying and bell ringing. (:
dottikin - I think it's easy to assume which city she's referring to when she talks about the bike (or at least I hope people are that observant). She does own/drive cars in L.A. but I think she has a Toyota Prius and a Highlander, both environmentally friendly, money-saving vehicles. So good on her all the way around.
Oppps, double post.

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Hmm, since she (based on the article) not a vegetarian-except-for-sushi, I guess the reason she returned the ostrich bag to Prada was because she was so angry with them she wouldn't accept a gift to bury the hatchet. (the enviro question wouldn't explain it since ostriches are ranched, not hunted)

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