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September 21 2007

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk On 'Shrooms, Texas and Funny Films. Interesting interview with Wash where he discusses, amongst other things, Death at a Funeral and 3:10 to Yuma (Very very mild spoilage on the two films.)

I feel all square because I never did 'shrooms. He's not kidding about the getting shot and the community applauding thing. That's not why I didn't, but it's a real thing.
Tried them in a tea once, many moons ago, didn't get much from it though (I briefly thought the open fire I was sitting beside - we were in the woods - was reaching out to touch my hand a la "The Creation of Adam". Because, y'see, the fire was God. Obviously ;) and it was all over very quickly, reckon the "tea" wasn't allowed to brew properly.

Sounds like the process of making "Death at a Funeral" was great from an actor's perspective, hope it shows on screen. Looking forward to it and '3:10 to Yuma' a fair bit.

(and just like all the 'verse peeps, doesn't he come across as incredibly down to Earth and unaffected ?)
Just want to say that mescaline isn't a speed drug, it's the active ingredient in peyote. It's a powerful psychedelic, but nothing like speed.

I've done mushrooms a few times. Got interested in them soon after I started getting into Joseph Campbell and Terence McKenna. I'd like to do them again some time, but the last experience I had with them was pretty intense. Ate too many. Closed my eyes and started seeing incredibly beautiful things that were way too heavy for me. I felt like I had basically tried to commune with God and I hadn't been nearly responsible enough to handle it, or taken it seriously enough in the first place.

That said, I would recommend trying psychedelics at least once to just about anyone. As Warren Ellis puts it, there's no use having a bike if you only ever ride it on the sidewalk.

I very strongly feel that these sort of substances could be revolutionary in treating things like schizophrenia and other psychological illnesses, but due to the state of our culture they've been demonized for a while now. In the US, mushrooms have the same legal classification as substances like heroin. Which is just wrong, in my opinion.
Well, members of the Native American Church can use peyote mushrooms legally, but I think the ones that grow in cow patties in Texas are different. I could be wrong.

I've never heard of 'shroom tea. Sounds very British.

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