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"A bitca?"
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September 21 2007

Nicholas Brendon rated #54 on world's hottest 101 men with tattoos. Xander makes this very unlikely (but entertaining) list.

He's numero uno in my book.
Checked the female list while I was at it and disappointed that well, maybe Eliza's tattoo is too r ecent and they didn't have the data but Alyson and Charisma didn't make it and MSG was way down at #89. (Only other Jossverse connection; Persia White, who was in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" in a one-line part, came in a bit higher than Smidge.)

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I didn't know Buffy had a tattoo. Is it something cool like a life size head of Joss or anything?
"A cross" doesn't tell us much. What kind of cross?
I see one more 'verse connection on the women's list. Jamie Bergman is #93. She appeared on Angel in the episode "Time Bomb" and is married to DB.
Dreamlogic, are you referring to Nick's tat? There are links to pics.
Thanks, nice picture!
I've always liked this Buffy tattoo fansite - although it hasn't been updated in a while, it does have a goodly amount of Buffy'verse tats - as well as the tattoos of a number of a number of devoted Buffy fans.

As somebody with her own little baby tattoos, I've seriously considered getting a Buffy-related tat, but never quite settled on one that said enough for me... although I am fond of Angel's angel.
I've sort of been considering Fray's hazmat thingy tattoo for my second one... not sure about that, though...
Mind you, since those photos were taken, that simple cross has been upgraded to something much more complex (pic from SDCC 2005, with the new tattoo still healing).

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