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September 21 2007

(SPOILER) Jonathan's New Movie Opened Friday. Sydney White (an updating of the classic Snow White) bows in theatres today - and while it isn't winning over critics, Danny Strong's performance (as one of the "Seven Dorks") is getting some positive notices.

Danny's character, Gurkin, gets his own Myspace page, it couldn't hurt to friend him (just to let the PTB know how popular he is... although I don't know that the studio set up the MyPage). I AM a big fan of Danny's work so I hope people notice his positive notices.
Judging by his MySpace page, Gurkin is a James Gunn fan.
This movie didn't look like something I'd really want to see, but now that I know it has Jonathan and the kid who played Neil on Freaks and Geeks I... really want to see it.
Kinda'wanted a Japanese princess as well. Disappoints abound.

Wishing Danny the best.
I thought I saw him in the trailer on tv. Good to know I'm not seeing Whedon people where they aren't.
I see Whedon people. ;)) Get it, huh, do ya?
I see Whedon people.

I understand exactly what you're saying...that need to always scan a show for any whedon-related follk. A friend of mine and I call them "Wheople."
Cute movie, kind of a weak B or a B- for me but I did LOL a couple of times. Danny was good in it, Amanda Bynes actually exhibited some actorly ability in a few scenes, and Jack Carpenter now tops my wishlist of young male actors for Goners.

Edited for way too many 'actuallys'. *cringes*

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