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September 22 2007

Mark Sheppard on Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Mr. Badger Fancyhat, Esq.TM speaks at a DragonCon panel about his experiences working on Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, and has some nice things to say about Joss.

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Somehow I missed seeing him at Dragon*Con completely. Saw the Firefly panel the one day he went on the BSG panel (and the BSG panel the next day when he was not there). BAH. But this at least gives me a taste.
I hate to say it but he'll always be Romo Lampkin to me. That was a much, much better role.
I'm with you, Ryan. As much as I loved Badger, Romo's arrival on BSG saved Season 3 from the suckage deathspiral it was headed down.
I quite liked Mark - smart and funny and sweet. And this: "Joss Whedon is still an undiscovered genius... These are the geeks that inherited the earth."

So say we all. Now, PTB, give Joss his piece of TV-earth, and we'll all benefit.
"Suckage deathspiral"? I can't agree about that. But he was electrifying as Romo in a way he didn't get to be as Badger.
Jesus, Jamie Bamber is so, so English.

Seems like a nice fellow. Say it after me though Mark, "Being a good political show doesn't mean you can't also be good science fiction". Really wish folk'd stop putting sci-fi into the same small, restrictive boxes other genres fit in.

(I also don't agree about "suckage death-spiral" though S3 was rocky in places IMO but Romo Lampkin was just one of those characters that hit the ground running, instant fizz, instant charm, deeply ambiguous and ultimately one of the few genuine idealists on the show - probably why he appealed so much to Apollo, brilliant character brilliantly portrayed)
Even if I agreed that Season 3 had rough patches, its poor episodes never reached the pits of Season 2's rough patches. The poor shows does have to suffer with the fact its first season was fully-formed perfection however.
I thought season two was great, and one was a bit ropey. The first half of season three of BSG is the best TV I've ever seen.
I had no idea Jamie Bamber was English. After this... christ, is he related to the Queen? Ok, maybe not the Queen, but very Tony Blair anyway.
Whatever series he's in and whatever series he's discussing, Mark is one of the most knowledgeable and most erudite people in TV, and it's always a huge pleasure to hear him speak on any topic.
His BSG podcast commentaries are also fascinating (except when he gets so caught up in the action that he forgets to talk about it!)
I'd love to see him do a series of seminars about film and TV (history, development, techniques etc) - you could learn so incredibly much from him.
And on top of that - SUCH a great guy, and completely understands and appreciates the fans and fandom in general.
For the sake of comity, I'll retract my "suckage deathspiral" comment. No matter which parts of the series we each think are the strongest and weakest, BSG is still a challenging, inventive and overall awesome series.


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*squees of loudness*

Mark Sheppard!!!!!!!!

(Okay, that's pretty much all I had to say. I'm going to love him forever and ever and never stop loving him ever.

Or Joss.)
Oh yeah, that was great. Now I know how articulate and enthusiastic Mark Sheppard is, I love him even more.
Damnit Quoter Gal, you beat me to it, I was so ready to say "These are the geeks that inherited the earth" .... and so say we all.
OK, it bears repeating anyhow.

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