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September 23 2007

Stargate Atlantis Premiere! Friday night, September 28th. It's Jewel Staite's latest blog. "The stakes are high, everyone's in peril, major jeopardy, etc etc. You'll like it... funny seeing people go bug-eyed when they see the Captain and Kaylee downing chardonnay and eating fried shrimp." And Jewel's not pregnant.

Like it??? I'm going love it. Already was watching the show.

I'm so glad to see Jewel on one of my favorite shows. Can't wait for it to start!

Did anyone else go to a strange place when they read "topless vampire" or was it just me?
I loved the Kate vs. Jessica comment. :)
So did I. But I can be a little disappointed she's turning down topless vampire and bikini-gyrating movies, right...?
unreality wrote on September 24, 04:39 CET
But I can be a little disappointed she's turning down topless vampire and bikini-gyrating movies, right...?

So I guess that isn't what the movie The Tribe is about then. The Tribe page

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Jewel's Nielson box comment was a good one. Atlantis took a hit in the ratings last season and it needs to prove it can stand alone this year without SG-1 by it's side so anyone who cares and can help effect the ratings really should make the effort for the first few weeks because the decision on whether Atlantis gets a fifth season will be made very early in the fourth season run.

Personally I think this show surpassed SG-1 last year and deserves it's solo time in the spotlight. I'd hate it to be another Angel where it ends the year after the parent show and the franchise quietly slips away. Especially with Stargate Universe still looking for a home.
Yep, it's worth tuning in as a priority if you're a Jewel fan with a Nielsen box (i'd imagine Atlantis fans will be anyway after last season's rocking finale).

That said, MGM have been extremely supportive of the Stargate franchise, coming through with D2DVD movies when SG-1 was cancelled, supporting the MMORPG and even developing a second spin-off so I wouldn't be at all surprised if they did the same for SG:Atlantis if that became necessary.

(still puzzled as to why Sci-Fi broke up their "Sci-Fi Friday" trio of the Stargates and BSG, they'd had strong numbers on a traditionally bad TV night and all three shows suffered in the ratings as a result. Seems daft)

And i'm very much looking forward to this season, some of the creators are saying they think the extra time they have on each script is going to really show (obviously with SG-1 off the air they've gone from producing 40 episodes a year to only 20) and I also think Atlantis took over SG-1's top spot in some ways last year, much as I loved SG-1 it started to seem a bit tired, as if they were really struggling not to repeat themselves (hardly surprising after over 200 episodes). Add in probably my favourite SG-1 character crossing over and Jewel coming on to the show (apparently with a pretty juicy character episode about 4 weeks into the season) and I predict a sci-fi bonanza. Only without Hoss.
It is "Nielsen", isn't it! I thought as much and was going to check on that before I posted my comment but I decided to go with Jewel and assume she had it right in her blog and my memory was faulty, which was entirely possible. Turns out we were both wrong, hehe.

I totally agree with what Saje said above about Atlantis and also about the strange (and ultimately bad) decision to break up the very successful Sci-Friday schedule. It resulted in all three shows losing viewers which was bad enough for Atlantis and Galactica but an even greater shame for SG-1 as it put a real downer on the final season, making the show seem a lot less popular than it really was. The Stargate franchise has really helped get Sci-Fi on the television map and, like Farscape before it, it seemed like they just suddenly lost interest in keeping it around. A real shame.
By the way, interesting little Stargate/Angel connection (interesting if you are me, at least) but the news that Stargate SG-1 was not being renewed for an eleventh year came around the same time as the celebrations for the 200th episode were going on. As I recall it was around the time of the 100th episode celebrations of Angel that the WB revealed that they weren't bringing Angel back.

Just goes to show that when it comes to tv execs, timing is everything. ;)
I didnt know that occured with Angel...eek yeah TV execs and their timing... anyways I wish I could see it, but alas in Canada and no cable :S. I hope it performs well. While certain things that occured last season have been a bit unpopular among the fans, I still think they could have a good season this year, and I would imagine that with producing 20 episodes instead of 40, would help things a lot.
And just wanted to add I love Jewel Staite's Blog entries!
For those in Canada, new episodes of Atlantis will show on Movie Central Monday nights starting Oct. 1.
Damn it, why does this have to be on mysp*ce? I hate that place. It's like Geocities 1996 threw up all over Internet 2.0.

Mallozzi may have a generic blog, but at least it's not poorly coded and an eyesore.
Well her particular blog itself is not an eyesore. I know I really didn't want to get a myspace account, but the tradeoff is I get to read not just Jewel's awesome blog, but Nathan's too, and for me that is worth it enough. Now facebook, that is something I am trying to avoid now.

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