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September 24 2007

"Buffy Between the Lines" fan audio drama coming soon. This Joss fan audio drama, the second of its kind to be made, kicks off its premiere installment on October 6. The first, "Firefly: Old Wounds", is available for download (in six parts) at the Sonic Society page.

You can keep tabs on new developments in the Joss fan podcasting world by bookmarking BBTL writer/producer Tabitha Smith's site, Strangely Literal.

Truly, the love for all things Joss is the love that will not die...

Thank you for the mention, but I want to clear something up...

Actually BBtL has nothing to do with Sonic Cinema, radically different group of people. Sonic Society was certainly the inspiration and they have been supportive of our project, but this is an independent venture.

-Kim (Co-Producer of BBtL)

Edited to add: Thanks Simon!

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I've changed the headline to avoid any confusion.
I can't wait for the premiere!

- Beth (Writer for BBtL)
Sonic Society rocks our socks - Jack Ward and the crew are great people. Major kudos to them.

I'm just floored with the amount of fan-work in this project. 100 dedicated fans plus a ton of others have been helping make this début a success!
Yay BBtL! I can't wait to sound like a ditz before hundreds of dozens of people! :)

-Jen (illustrious voice talent)

PS. I'm still not convinced it isn't actually Nicky Brendan playing Xander.
Very excited to be involved in this project, and even more excited about the launch! There's an amazing talented pool of writers working on BBTL, and some great voice-actors too, this is going to be epic!

(and I agree with girlpie, our Xander is just uncanny!)

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