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September 24 2007

SliceOfScifi has a poll for favorite Male Action Star. Two of our favorite Big Damn Heroes join the impressive competition.

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Wow. That's some august company. I went with Nathan, though, just as much for Slither as for Serenity and Firefly. I do love the comedy in with the action.
And Chiwetel Ejiofor is also in the poll.
Oh, dang, who to chose?

*looks aroung furtively* 'Fraid I went with Jason Statham... *hides*
I had to vote for Adam Baldwin, my heart belongs to Jayne.
Had to go with fillion. he's pretty much got it all. he's a hero, he's hilarious, and he's sort of compact but well-muscled......
I went for Fillion. He's the whole package and home-grown from my town. Gotta support.
I voted for Baldwin. Jayne was always my favorite in Firefly. Looking forward to seeing him in Chuck tonight.
I had to go for Harrison Ford as much as I love Mal and Jayne. He's played two of the most iconic and beloved action heroes of all time, in Han Solo and Indiana Jones. And characters like Mal and Jayne wouldn't exist without them.
No Hasselhoff? No Norris? Weird.
Nathan by a mile. It was a close tie with him and Indy but... I love my Captain.
Rutger Hauer, baby.
Nathan- of course. :)
Nathan is ahead by a mile, this site must be very popular with whedonverse fans. He got my vote, and not just from 'verse loyalty. I really do love the man & still can't understand why he isn't a huge star.
Same here, Shey...I honestly didn't vote for him just because he's Nathan, I voted for him because he's simply the best pick there.

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