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September 24 2007

(SPOILER) Possible casting info on Bones and small DB interview. Probably not spoilerish, but just to be safe. Season 3 premiere tomorrow night. WooHoo!!!

I think having JG play Booth's grandfather is a great idea. I even suggested it a long long time ago myself on the Fox board, so I hope they can talk JG to take the role. I'm sure other "Bones" fans thought the same thing.
Actually, the premiere is tonight, Tuesday. They switched nights, at least in the states. It's now the lead-in for House.
John Francis Daly! Yes!!

I'm SOOO excited that Bones and House have teamed up. It just feels so natural. I just started Netflixing House (never saw it before) after much pushing from my online friends. I love it! About to start season 2 :) I'll have to DVR season 4 and save them.
I am old enought to remember James Garner when he was the young dashing handsome hero on TV (Maverick). Always had a crush on him so this is wonderful.
DB as Namor? I think that'd be a great fit! Mix in a little Angelus (cuz Namor's a real jerk most of the time) and I think it'd work.
Sorry about the confusion on the air date two_guns. I'm in the U.S. on the east coast and it was Monday when I posted the story. I agree Kizzy that JG would be a great choice for Booth's grandfather ... from our lips to the casting directors ears :).

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