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September 25 2007

Tucker Goes From Hell Hounds to Hollywood. Cool article about Brad Kane, actor, singer, and, apparently, poised-on-the-brink-of-fame screenwriter.

Brad Kane played Tucker Wells on Buffy, dubbed Jonathan's voice in the BtVS episode "Superstar" and is married to Angel's Sarah Thompson. He also did the voicework for a little film called "Aladdin."

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Umm, "unoffical Black List of the most-liked reads"? Is there a typo in there? Or is "The Biz" nuttier than I thought and has a system which deliberately excludes quality because it's quality?
Good for him. Although I was really hoping he'd do some more with his music.
Reckon it's black as in secret DaddyCatALSO (think "black-ops" rather than "black-listed"). Apparently a bunch of Hollywood movers and shakers create an annual list of the best un-produced screenplays so presumably being on it is fairly prestigious (albeit not very well paying ;).

Seems like a very versatile bloke, it's no wonder he's poised for success when he can turn his hand to so many different things. Who knew Tucker's brother's brother would go so far ;) ?

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