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September 25 2007

Nice video interview with David Boreanaz. Very nice interview in NYC. And David answers (sort of) the "would he wouldn't he" reprise his role in Angel.

Oh he would do it. If they made a full-fledged feature-film in the Buffy-verse with feature-film salaries, every cast-member would come back. It's not even a question of loyalty; I don't think anyone would take the chance of it being a huge hit without them.

A straight-to-dvd would be a completely different story, of course.
That was a really great and fun interview.

I just watched the season premiere of Bones and it was a strong start to the new season.

I really liked his answer to the Angel movie question.He's always been open to a big screen film and did not seem annoyed at all about being asked,but like SMG,his answer here says that he would do it but it's dependent on liking the script and direction of the movie I bet.I'm glad about that and the fact the actors would want the best possible film made if they did do it.

As for whether it's a Buffy movie or Angel movie,I think that's a non-issue.A theatrical film would be a big crossover even film with everybody from both casts something DB has said in the past he would want for a theatrical film.Not so much a Buffy film or Angel film but a Buffy/Angel verse film.

He also at the end of the interview talks about how grateful he is for his role of Angel and start on Buffy.

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David Boreanaz is such a cutie. Loved his answer but then I always do. *g*
It was interesting to hear the couples therapy idea came from David & Emily working with their acting coach. I just saw another one of his interviews on the LA Fox show that was very funny. I can see why Emily calls him the funniest guy on the set. He just seems like a man who enjoys life.
Yes, the Bones premiere was great. I'm looking forward to the couples therapy. It will be extremely interesting! And he just keeps getting more and more beautiful, doesn't he? sigh....
Great post!
Great that someone asked about whether he'd even consider returning as "Angel"- but sad because the odds seem so remote that an "Angel" movie would ever happen at this point...

As far as "Bones" go, I'm glad he's getting work that seems respectable, but I'd love an episode of "Bones" where he wakes up and realizes that he's actually Angel with the gang fighting the demons at the end of season 5, and go from there, but I know that's REALLY wishful thinking... :(
Ah, I love David! Thanks for this.

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