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September 26 2007

(SPOILER) James Marsters Has Another TV Gig. According to E's Kristin, that is. But just saying what show it is may be a spoiler...

Not really a spoiler for all, anyone at Dragon*con found out he was going back to Smallville or read any DC reports. The actual spoiler person was Elisabeth Rohm, who mentioned it during the Q&A. So Kristin is a little slow on her source info.
I don't think it's a huge surprise to fans of Superman that he has dealings with Brainiac long into adulthood so we knew that wasn't the end of him but it's nice to know that JM will be back on the show (hopefully he'll have something meatier to get his teeth into - e.g. lots of screen time with Lex - since from what he's said he wasn't all that pleased with the way the role turned out in his original run).
Urgh. People need to not agree to do this show so it will go off the air sooner.
His whole previous arc was worth it for when he looks almost directly in the camera and says, "Oh Clark, there's no such thing as vampires." Hi-larious.
Urgh. People need to not agree to do this show so it will go off the air sooner.

What, cancel it now, just when it's getting mediocre ?

I have to watch "Smallville" anyway, so this is good news!
I agree with Clementine, I went back and watched that clip like 30 times when I Netflixed the show. I tried to watch and like it, but wow, it's really a terrible show. I finally gave up and just watched the ones with Marsters in them.
I have tried to watch "Smallville" a few times, because I have friends who are fans, but failed. I even tried when JM was on, and failed. My brain just fails to stick with it, it's so dull.
As I just stated in the Supernatural blurb, why can't James guest on Supernatural instead of Smallville? I watched the James episodes on Smallville and the show did not impress me one bit. *sigh*, I will watch him again, but even he never got me interested in the show. Really looking forward to Without a Trace, now there's a good show.
My sister is a huge Smallville fan and has trying to get me interested, but from the few eps I've caught, it struck me as the Clark-Kent/midwest version of the OC. Not really my bag.

Glad JM's having a good time doing it, though.

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I never got into this show, I tried and tried but I find it such a snore. I watched the last time James Marsters was on and they really didn't use him well, but I will soldier on and watch again just because of James. Glad he's working a lot but I'm not happy it's this show. But again, I would watch him read the phone book.
Gosh he's a busy ex vampire these days ! Without A Trace , Torchwood,the Ted Bundy thing , P.S. I Love You and now more Smallville!

I tried SO hard to watch it when James was on! My brain just fell asleep and wouldn't let me keep the tv on...
In the parlance of long ago savant Maynard G. Krebs, it would be better named "Dullsville." I'll watch the JM episodes anyway, if I can stay awake.
No matter what your opinion of Smallville is, the important fact is that James Marsters is now a recurring character on THREE shows at the same time: Smallville, Without A Trace, and Torchwood (at least reportedly he's to do at least one more episode this season). That and everything else he's in that's coming out soon (a new CD of his music, a role in a major movie, a role in a TV movie, and another Dresden Files audio book) or has just been released on DVD (Superman Doomsday and Shadow Puppets)... wow, he's a busy guy. Good for him. Glad he and the other Whedonalums are doing so well.

And I happen to like most scenes of Smallville that Lana and Lois aren't in. It's not Shakespeare, but it's fun.
Wait, deannab, whadda mean another Dresden Files audio book? I have been waiting for that news...Where did you hear that?
Joining in the Smallville un-love, but happy for James for yet more exposure. But how much would I like to see more Torchwood, instead?

Thank you Saje for my LOL moment of the night ...........

"What, cancel it now, just when it's getting mediocre?" :~)
I'm not so sure on the book, I talked to the Buzzy Multimedia people at Dragon*Con and they said they were fighting for the rights for the next book, apparently a bigger company wants to do them and Butcher's people are having trouble saying no to the prices. However, it's likely that if the bigger company gets it, they won't be up to paying JM's prices, so they'll use someone else. It may have been resolved since then, but that seems unlikely to me.
That is not good news. If JM doesn't do the audio, I won't be buying, I'll have to resort to reading the books.

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