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September 28 2007

First look at the very special variant Buffy #10 cover. It's the first glimpse of Robin Balzer (the wife of the winner of Dark Horse's 'How Buffy Changed My Life' contest).

I just love the way that Buffy and Willow seem to be supporting and propping up Robin's character.
I've said it before, but this is a really beautiful thing that Joss has done.
It IS cool that he would do that. I just hope that it's a good read as well as a good... deed...

I can't believe I even typed that.
Beautiful image, idyllic and ideal!
Are we thinking that this image is the alternative cover for issue 10?
I emailed Dark Horse to see, waiting to hear back.
I wonder if there will be a Jo Chen cover.
Wow, that's beautiful. This is such a great thing to do; brings a tear to my eye.
Thanks Simon. Why wouldn't there be a Jo Chen cover, Pointy? As far as I know she's doing the whole season.
Oh, nice. Idyllic is the mot juste, innit? I myspaced mailed Jerrod, just in case he & Robin didn't know yet.

I'm fully confident that this will be a rewarding issue.
I can't wait to see how they're incorporating her into the issue's storyline.

Also, this made me laugh:

...a mission that fortunately did not lead to me dancing to Prince in a hotel room.
She's cute enough to be a fictional character herself. (okay, there's a compliment buried in that sentence someplace)
QuoterGal: "I myspaced mailed Jerrod, just in case he & Robin didn't know yet."

Jerrod and Robin saw Jeanty & Stewart's drawing today, and he wrote about his and Robin's reactions, as well as Robin's general health on his myspace blog - all of which is very gratifying to read. Truly.

"So I pulled up another chair to the computer and sat her down. When I showed her the glimpse, her face lit up, she grinned ear to ear and said, 'That's me? That's me! That's me!'

She's officially back on Cloud 9."

(I didn't know if this should have its own front-page entry or not - if anyone thinks it should, they should feel free to do it. And I also just quoted my own self in this post, which is weird.)
That's lovely, QuoterGal!
That is so cool! I am very happy for Robin!
Dark Horse got back in touch to say that it is the alternate cover for #10.
Neat-o, Simon, thanks. It's double sweet or something like that.

Well, anyway, it's cool, and how nifty for Robin.
I am so excited to see this storyline. She looks so beautiful on this cover, and it's great to see the world of chronic mental illness brought into the public eye in such a fantastic way, as part of a heroic storyline, as part of the world of people making a difference. I don't know if this the right place to discuss it, but let me just say I have a personal stake in this. Thank you Joss, Robyn, and Jerrod.

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