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September 28 2007

More Proof that Blizzard Software are fans of Firefly. I just ran across this reference to Firefly for Blizzard's new event Brewfest.

They have an item called Mudder's Milk. I searched for this and didn't find it in the archives but did find other references to Firefly. It's not much but I was pretty excited over finding it.

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And rightfully so! That's a fun tidbit. :)
Hah! Avid WoW player here, glad to see that my taste in games has taste in TV. :)
Man, i need to get my computer up and running again (it died last week, ergo old laptop that doesnt run WOW)! I'll be so hapy siting petting my pet Captured Firefly (Flavour text = "Still flyin'") drinking Mudders Milk :D
And as we have said before there is also the Kaylee the engineer who loves strawberries.
I haven't been able to play since January due to full-time teaching. This year I hope to reactivate my account between Thanksgiving and New Year.

There are quite a few characters with Whedon-reference names besides my own. In fact, I have one character named Joss. Another is Linara.

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