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September 30 2007

(SPOILER) 5 page preview of Spike:Shadow Puppets #4. The 4th and final installment of Shadow Puppets (and last Angelverse comic before After the Fall) is out this Wednesday.

Ack, the preview pages don't enlarge enough to read! But I guess that is okay, I can wait until Wednesday (grumble grumble).
What I really can't wait for is 'After the Fall'!
I can't read the dialogue either, but the art looks really, really great ! I'll have to wait till Thursday for my copies, but good things come to those who wait !
A Gunn puppet!? That's just beautiful... Ha!
A Gunn puppet is just the beginning for issue 4.

But man, do I love the Gunn puppet. I wish they'd make one.
I'd buy the HELL out of a Gunn puppet. It's just so... absurd. I look forward to reading the rest of this, for sure! I had all but given up on the IDW comics before I read 'Asylum'. They felt like bad fan fiction. The teams behind them just didn't seem to 'get' the characters. So, good on you and Mr. Urru, Mr. Lynch.

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It's SO frustrating not being able to read the dialogue!

And *I* would buy the hell out of an Illyria puppet.

I'd buddy her up with my Spike one and make them do... strange... things to one another.(!)
I was with you 'til that last part.
I can read a little of the text:

Spike: Angel? Are you off your nut? I... No. Angel wouldn't stab me in the damn back. And the way you're babbling, ain't the usual ho-hum pity party of one. This isn't Angel! I'm facing off against TICKLE ME ANGELUS!

Angelus: Give the boy a prize. Right between the eyes!(Maybe?)

"Tickle Me Angelus" made my morning. Thanks!

Edited to add what I can make out on a second read.

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I'm a little confused about this part of the story. If the puppet is puppet Angelus that means Angel was Angelus when he was changed. Is that correct? So why would Gunn be there with an evil Angelus? I know by talking about this I would be spoiling people so I will just wait and see when I read it.
I'm sure it will be all clear in a couple of days.
I've enjoyed this series tremendously.
Home-brewed evil puppets defy explanation, biffsbabe.

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