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September 30 2007

Mal replica pistol coming from QMx. One Mal pistol just wasn't enough, so QMx is offering two. Turned out that the $250 one they originally planned was pricey for costumers and casual fans and not detailed enough for collectors, so instead they're making two models. The resin "stunt" replica is going on sale for $149.95 on Oct. 20.

Another version, metal, with firing action, will come next and be more expensive. Both versions are cast from the original molds that produced the pistols Nathan was packing and will be as screen-accurate as its possible to be.

I'll definitely be buying that on October 20th, perhaps the metal model too. Though that really depends on just how much more expensive it turns out to be.
A couple of my fellow Canuckistani brethren made a valid remark in a mailing list post soon after noticing this very offer: Canadian Browncoats could be seriously screwed over for this wonderful product because of certain laws forbidding the import of weapon replicas onto Canadian soil.

Now, there's possibly a loophople in that the law concerning weapon replicas only covers replicas of actual - i.e. designed and produced for real-life use - firearms, but I get the feeling that both QMx and interested fans should look into finding out if the Stunt or Hero Pistol are forbidden goods with no exception or not. Cuz it would be a good idea for QMx to know if they can't ship product to certain parts of the world, I think:(
We just got off the phone with Andy to chat about the pistol update, and it's going to be in our next show, coming out in about 8 hours.

Eric @ Firefly Talk
BlueEyed - I know for sure we're no longer able to ship Mal pistols into the U.K., which is a major bummer because there are a lot of loyal Browncoats who I know have been hankering for these. But I'm not sure about Canada. Let me ask our fulfillment folks to look into it and I'll post an update here. We should probably add something to the next newsletter about countries that ban "weapon replicas", fantasy-based of not.

Thanks for the heads-up!

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