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September 30 2007

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion's debut in tonight's episode of 'Desperate Housewives'. If you're curious about his new role, Zap2it has a video clip from the season 3 premiere.

looking forward to it--
Me three. *grin*
Count me in too! We actually just finished the end of season 3 a few minutes ago. Just in time! :)
I'll be watching for Nathan...
Nathan makes his debut on Desperate Housewives on the 2nd anniversary of Serenity. Can you believe that it's already been two years since Serenity debuted in theatres?
IM SO EXCITED! I love this show! Amazing. To hell with the haters, Desperate Housewives season 1 was as good as the best season of Buffy or Angel. And the episode "Bang" of season 3 is amazing. Some go as far as to call it "The Body" or "The Gift" of DH.

And Happy Serenity Anniversary!
32 minutes and counting......*giggles with glee*
Sitting in the corner with Bruce. :) was AMAZING. Promising start to the new season. Nathan got a lot of screen time and I laughed so hard when he had to check Susan. That scene was priceless. Also, does anyone else love Marcia Cross and Kyle Mclachlan? Cuz I do. And Felicity Huffman did amazing, as usual. Not loving the Gabby/Carlos affair...but nobody should ever try messing with Edie.

And the mystery? Intriguing...

DH is back, baby.

*cheers with TamaraC*
I made it fifteen minutes then turned it off. I just don't like this show.
Was happy that cable ran Serenity today on her 'versary. And now I get to see Nathan twice in one day. Shiny!
The Dark Shape, maybe you should give it more of a chance. Its the season premiere and naturally they're going to tie up all the cliffhangers and update us on what everyone's up to now before the actual plot begins. I thought the episode was spectacular.

Surely, if I would've just watched the first fifteen minutes of "Welcome to the Hellmouth" or any other of the season premieres (To me, most of them were weak.) I would've thought "Hey this show is crap" and I would've missed the brilliance of the show. But hey, maybe this show just isn't for you.

I suggest you go to and go to the Desperate Housewives section and watch the episode "Bang" to see how amazing this show can be.
This wasn't the first episode of Desperate Housewives that I've seen. It just doesn't jive with what I enjoy.
Relax? what do you mean?
I am glad that DH is back too! And that Nathan is on! Its a show that I really thought I would hate, and got very into it once I was watching it.

(umm, but I dont like his puffy hair) :)
I couldn't open this clip. Oh well, I DVRed it.
Bruce | October 01, 05:09 CET

Relax? what do you mean?

He had to say it like 3 times. And relax.

Just thought it was funny.

Harvard Medical School.

And the fork scene. Got some real wacky neighbors there. But then maybe the Doc, the wife and the daughter will fit right in.
I'm glad to see Nathan on such a popular high profile show, and even though I don't care about most of the characters I do find the show entertaining because it is one which isn't afraid of dramatic plot changing events. They are not afraid of murder and mayhem.
I agree with The Dark Shape. This show is not my style, and actually I didn't think Nathan got much screen time at all (like 4 short scenes, not much dialogue). IMO, the humor wasn't that funny, more corny than funny. I'm really, really happy for him getting on a popular series like this, so yay Nathan! But IMO it was too much of a soap opera for me to enjoy personally. Maybe I didn't get the humor or the enjoyment of the overall show b/c I'm a guy. My favorite show of the evening was Dexter, which is very, very different in tone from DH (Julie Benz was great again, BTW); to each their own! :-)
Not my thang, either, but I hadda watch it for the turnipy-rich goodness of Nathan, who never disappoints, even when his manifold talents are underused.
QuoterGal, it's very early on. I'm sure Nathan's manifold will come into play and soon.
I tried, but I just can't tolerate this show, even for Nathan. Not the first time I've tried it, I got through a few of the first season eps because I adore Terri Hatcher, then tried a couple more when Kyle MacLauglin came on. It just irritates the hell out of me & leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Not my favourite show and hubby positively dislikes it. He doesn't get the black humour part of it at all. Just sees people behaving appallingly. Consequently I missed most of the fork scene because he was flipping. But I did love "Good to put a face to the name" and "some ...Harvard Medical School."

What I put up with for that turnipy goodness.
I was gone for three weeks and Nathan turned into a turnip? Can someone link me to where this turnip-business happened?

I'd only seen bits and pieces of DH before, not enough to suck me in but didn't dislike it. I'm happy to watch a few eps for Nathan (turnip or otherwise) and see if they let him shine.

Does anyone else find it very disconcerting to see him in plaid tucked-in shirts?
Poor Nathan - overpowered by all that estrogen and very little opportunity to show off his charm and acting skill (though the gyno exam and Hatcher's resultant anger and petulance about being too young for menopause did crack me up). I liked that Nathan and Delaney have a creepy secret in a locked room but when he wasn't on screen I was sort of zoning out. Not having ever watched but one other episode a long time ago, I could not connect with these characters (it's probably that I'm pretty much burned out on these types of shows, having been a Melrose Place watcher from way back).

Does anyone else find it very disconcerting to see him in plaid tucked-in shirts?

My Mom just called me this morning and said "Who is dressing him?
This is not his best look!" LOL

I enjoyed the show. I hope the funny continues and that they give him more to do. :)
"Who is dressing him?
This is not his best look!"

Agreed. Give that man some tightpants and a pistol.

Great job, Nathan. Good to see you back on T.V.
I was never into this show, and I have definitely tried in the past. Just add it to the list of When Bad Shows Happen to Good Actors...
Who is dressing him? This is not his best look.

Good, I'm not the only one who thought that.
Glad to see him in prime time on such a popular show. I didn't have any interest in DH, until I heard Nathan would be on it. I'm surprised to say that I like the show.
Enjoyed it well enough. I watched all of Season 1 (way back when) when I considered it a good show, then just started up again because of Nathan. His scene with Susan in the office had me squirming AND laughing quite a bit. Susan is either very brave or a very cowardly woman (not sure which - though I'm leaning towards the latter), cuz if my neighbor had shown up to give me a pelvic exam I would have said, "Um, no." And then promptly have hollered for another doctor. The very slight noise she emitted at the end had me in hysterics. I thought that was a great scene to really bring Nathan into the show.

Also thought his checkered shirt was hideous. But it did make him look terribly preppy, which is the look I think they are trying to give him.

Good job, Nathan! Love ya', Big Guy!

p.s. Relax. Relax. OK, relax. (Tee hee)
WillowSlay: I was gone for three weeks and Nathan turned into a turnip? Can someone link me to where this turnip-business happened?"

It's from a December, 2002 whedonesque-Joss-post of unparalleled hilarity and rumor-debunkation.

"All right, now I have to jump in and set the record straight. EW is a fine rag, but they do take things out of context. Obviously when I said I had 'closure', what I meant was "I hate Serenity, I hated Firefly, I think my fans are stupid and Nathan Fillion smells like turnips." But EW's always got to put some weird negative spin on it. But so we're clear once and for all: If you read a quote saying "I'd love to do more in this 'verse with these actors in any medium" all I'm saying is that Nathan has a turnipy odor. It's not his fault, he doesn't eat a lot of them but everyone else in the cast noticed it and tht's not really something I'm prepared to deal with any more. And Jewel said outright she wouldn't do scenes with him except stuff like the SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER funeral scene which was outside in a high SPOILER wind. So if I do manage to find another incarnation for my beloved creation, it will have been totally against my will.

I hope that clears everything up. Oh, and when I say I want to do a Spike movie, it means I have a bunion on my toe.

-joss (by which I mean Tim)

(no, actually me.)"
joss | December 21, 02:12 CET

See also here. :>
Thanks QuoterGal. And, that's a pretty fabulous shirt idea. (:
I haven't watched Desperate Housewives since a few episodes in the first season, but I happened to catch their recap last Sunday which basically got me up-to-date. I like most of the actors in this show, and yet it doesn't really do anything for me. If I weren't already an avid fan of Nathan's, this episode would not have changed my mind. Only the last scene gave him something to make him appear other than just another good-looking guy on the show.

I did like the scenes with "Mrs. Landingham" from The West Wing. "If you're checking to see if my brain is tapioca, it isn't!" (paraphrased) ;-)

And the so-called mystery seems pretty obvious to me, which means if Nathan weren't on it, I wouldn't be watching.
Who is dressing him? This is not his best look.
Good, I'm not the only one who thought that.

Um...are ya kidding me? Please say you're kidding.
If you're not kidding, here's how it is:
The costume designers weren't dressing Nathan. They're dressing the character he plays. And it just so happens that that guy wears plaid shirts. Tucked in.
I mean, it's like asking "Who's dressing her?" when talking about America Ferrera as "Ugly Betty".
Me? You know I like to see Nathan in a kilt. Or a towel.
I'll be in my bunk. I'm just sayin'...
But I know you're kidding, right?
; )
Back when DH started, I found it to be good soapy fun, and yet it wasn't "must see" and I kept forgetting to watch it. Being a soapy show I quickly felt like I'd missed too much and dropped it.

I loves me some Nathan, so I watched the catch up show and the first ep of the season. The highlight for me was definitely Nathan's OBGYN office visit with Susan. As a woman I had to laugh at the pretty accurate, "feet up and scootch down" and then the hilarious "and relax" beat "and relax" beat "and relax". Guys, you just gotta have been there to really get it, I think :) That one scene showcased Nathan nicely, but the rest was just setting the stage.

The show definitely had a few other interesting moments, such as the previously mentioned scene with the older neighbor bristling at the condescending new (returning) neighbor, as well as the bullying alpha mom with Felicity Huffman. I'll be tuning in for Cap'n, and see what happens.

[ edited by ThereUR on 2007-10-02 22:37 ]
Didn't care for most of the show, but,

The scene where he examines Terri Hatcher's character is frigging hilarious. I laughed out loud.
Man, that Josh Whelon is an A-Number-One JERK!


Thanks for the "Tim" quote and t-shirt link, QuoterGal (or is that LinkerGal?). I was wondering what all the "turnipy goodness" talk was about and was playing the entire Serenifly in my head trying to find a match.

Completely spaced the DH. Perhaps in reruns.

I, too enjoyed the opening of, oh, blast, what's it called -- the Devil one.

Lotsa humor.

It'll take several YEARS with my pathetic dial-up connection, but thanks moley75 for the link. Got it loading now.
Yes, moley75, thanks a lot for that link. I didn't really want to watch DH & I got to see Nathan anyway! He's so good. My husband watched Buffy Season 7 and Firefly about a 3 times each before he noticed that Caleb & Mal were played by the same person. (OK, he's not too observant of actors, but still, NF really melts into a role.)
You're everso welcome, WillowSlay and tehabwa - and Joe Swedon is a big jerk.

And thanks for the youtube link, moley75, watching his scenes again reminded me that I just hadda mention that the older lady neighbor in one of them - character "Ida Greenberg" - is our much-beloved Penishead Monster from"Doublemeat Place"... I mean, is actress Pat Crawford Brown.
I noticed that too, QuoterGal, but forgot to mention it. It was funny seeing her in a different role - and yet she looks almost the same; except for the penishead, of course. ;-)

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