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October 01 2007

Double the Angel, Double the Fun. TNT now airs back to back episodes of Angel.

I woke up this morning to two episode of Angel. It kind of made my day.

... I didn't see this posted. I thought it should.

I actually have this on in the background. There's a safe bet that if Angel's on, it's the best thing on. ;)
Ummm, they have been doing this for a few years now.
Actually, no--TNT cut back to just one episode for about a year. It was sad.
You mean no more "Las Vegas?" Oh gee, darn.
I wish I'd been watching Angel instead of the recording of the first episode of Moonlight. God it sucked. It was like Forever Knight and Beauty & the Beast with recasts. It was about as sharp and edgy as the Count's fangs. One, Two, Three....ripped off scenes...hahahhahaha
Actually, they only went to one Angel a day for a week. They have had two eps a day for years. Then, last week or the week before, they started the 2-a-days again, but beginning at 5 a.m. ET. Today, they got back to the old schedule, and Las Vegas was history. I just hope it stays that way for awhile. I hate having my regular routine interrupted so.

But I noticed that, on FX, where they cancelled Buffy during the week, but had episodes on Sat and Sun mornings for one week, that Buffy was totally gone this past weekend.
I only get up that early (5 and 6 am here in Central time zone) 2 days a week and have to leave by 6, but I noticed that it had been cut back to one episode. The first thing I do when I get up (well, alright, the second) is turn on Angel. It always irritated me that FX ran Buffy at the same time.

I liked it alot, back in the day, when Angel ran in the afternoons at 4. I'm usually home by then and would always fix a cup of coffee and sit and watch it. I would even hurry home to be there by 4. And yes, I have all the DVD's.
I wish they would go back to rerunning Angel in the late afternoon/early evening, that was when I enjoyed watching it. But at least it is on the line up.
You know, when I first saw this I immediately had the Doublemint Gum jingle in my head. Go figure. ;)
Perfect timing. I am just about halfway through Season 4 of Buffy.
It's funny...I have every season on DVD and I still got really excited about this!

OMG! I have to tell my dad! The only episode he's ever seen is The Girl in Question and that's all he ever talks about! LOL.

(it's starting to get annoying....j/k)

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