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October 01 2007

(SPOILER) TV Guide's Matt Roush On Joss's Influence On New Genre Shows. Matt Roush fields a question whether elements of Bionic Woman are reminiscent of Buffy and also discusses signs of Joss's influence on new shows debuting this fall.

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The lack of whimsy in Bionic Woman and the deadly earnestness of much of CBS' Moonlight remind me of what we lost when Whedon stepped away from TV. Let's hope it's only temporarily.

While I liked the first episode of Bionic Woman and see lots of potential for the series, how can one disagree with Roush as far as what is lacking in any Whedon-Free television season.

Though I do have to question the statement: "[...] when Whedon stepped away from TV."
Really? Is that how it went?

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Though I do have to question the statement: "[...] when Whedon stepped away from TV."
Really? Is that how it went?

He was probably allowed to leave on foot, carrying his own office supplies, though possibly escorted by security.
Well, it was his choice to close down Mutant Enemy and not develop and pitch any new shows. So yes, he walked away. It wasn't like TV kicked him out of the club.
Exactly, he said something along the lines of trying to come up with a new series and just not getting an idea he was passionate enough about to pursue. He'll come back one day and then maybe television can be saved (The Office was just a preview!)
Well, "walked away," battlescarred and weary, but... yeah, he was at least technically upright:

"Here's a thing: when 'Firefly' was cancelled, my heart got broke. Sounds a bit much, but it changed me. Not even 'Serenity' could patch that wound. I'm wearier, warier -- after all those years as a movie writer, you'd think I'd be prepared for another lesson on my unimportance in the scheme of things, but I wasn't. There are two very separate worlds: the marketplace, and the bustling bazaar that is my brain. The brain place is crowded with goods, ideas, sequels, spinoffs, animated versions, miniseries, radio dramas -- this is just the used goods. All the new wares are in there as well and it's deafening."

-- (excerpted from) joss (whedonesque) | October 05, 18:09 CET

There are countless other Joss-quotes that indicate that Joss has no dearth of TV ideas, but that he felt like the TV marketplace kicked his butt a bit... I think to "passionate enough to pursue" must be added "through the heartbreaking hell and art-by-committee that is TV development et al."

(Hah, yeah, dreamlogic, I imagine they checked the box on his way out for company staplers...)
Especially Red Swinglines, no doubt.
:) - multiple thumbs up!
Well, he might not have walked in again after he'd been trown out of the window (twice) but he never walked out the building whistling. So he might not have walked in again, he didn't walk out either.
Also a Nathan Fillion reference on that page:

"But I'm also hopeful that Dana Delany and Nathan Fillion (and the new gay neighbors) will put some oomph back into Desperate Housewives."
So he might not have walked in again, he didn't walk out either.

I don't think he's the Schrodinger's cat of television. I think he just walked for a whole myriad of reasons.
Though I do have to question the statement: "[...] when Whedon stepped away from TV."
Really? Is that how it went?

I think so. The bits of interviews that I recall and the part Quotergal quoted above have all given me the impression that the creative landscape of the tv-world got hostile, and it was painful, so he left. Makes sense to me.

He was probably allowed to leave on foot, carrying his own office supplies medieval prop weapons, though possibly escorted by security.

Can't blame security, y'know?
I don't think he's the Schrodinger's cat of television.

Quote of the day for sure.
Yep, agreed. He neither walked in or walked out. In fact, he's stuck in the revolving door entrance to the Fox building. Maybe someone should call building maintenance ?

And since it's hard to steal the message "PC load Letter" i'd also have gone for the stapler (WTF is that supposed to mean anyway ? Sadly, I actually know - part of the arcane knowledge imparted to us on the first day at Pig-Snacks School for Technical Supportizards ;).
My fearless prediction: We'll have a new Joss TV show within five years. I'm glad he's getting his chance to play around on the big screen, but Joss must know TV is what he does best. He'll be back.
With my hopes freshly crushed for any continuation of Deadwood (for the moment, never say die, blah blah...), I fervently hope you're right, bobtaylor.
I don't think TV as it stands is really ready for him again. They're cancelling shows after one frikkin' episode. I don't think that will change for some time. It's too much focusgroup/bottomline/instantgratification right now. Maybe a Showtime series, maybe HBO. Maybe he'll be one of the first to make a fan-funded direct-to-DVD show that cuts out all of the Jordan Levins and all of the sponsors who are too freaked out by grown women kissing in a manner not designed for a ratings blip.

The current marketplace rewards mediocrity and disposability. I can't blame him for not getting too involved.
Bionic Woman is only reminiscent of Buffy in the way they both have female protagonists. Buffy has wit and style and humour and compelling characters and a brilliant first episode - Bionic Woman had none of this.
Buffy really did have a brilliant first episode, crossoverman...I use it as bait in my has worked almost every time (and the few times it hasn't, I'm flabbergasted).

Hey, I have a red Swingline sitting right on my desk, in the basement....
OMG, Ocular, where do I send my cashy money?!
I have to admit, in the rooftop battle between the good chick with powers and the bad chick with similar powers, I did think of Buffy and Faith. But mostly in a, "Heh. Now the good one's the brunette." kind of way. :)

It's not greenlit yet, and it probably won't be ongoing, but it's there!
I hope Joss did boost a few items from the supply cabinet on his way out of TV. Preferably Swinglines. It's not like, to paraphrase Dolly Parton, they're ever going to give him credit for what they got out of his mind.
I know I'm repeating myself but the only show that even came close was Reaper. It was the combination of humor with the genre that was magical to me. Lets face it, Buffy had more laughs than most sitcoms. Along with all the other stuff.
It's not about a female hero, its the humor. And of course I'm including Angel when I say Buffy.

No other show has had that, Reaper came close, but can't really tell after only one episode.
I just wish it weren't on during House...
I recorded the Bones/House duo (how I love that combo) and watched Reaper last week. And may I say how vastly Bones has improved since its first days? I'm gonna try not to miss any of 'em this season.

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