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October 01 2007

David Boreanaz on Craig Ferguson tonight. Just a reminder of David Boreanaz's appearance on Ferguson after David Letterman tonight, along with Juliette Lewis.

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Only a Joss Whedon fan could spell Boreanaz right, but Ferguson wrong. ;)
That's very funny, cypher!
Oops. My fingers went too fast there

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I agree. I usually watch Jimmy Kimmel, but I fixed it.
Well you fixed one instance, the other one was still wrong :) Corrected, plus two other things.
Awww, he was only 2nd guest and only had about 4 or 5 minutes. I was kind of distracted for part of it, I only really heard Craig joshin' him about the socks. Did I miss anything Angel-related?
As someone who remembers Craig Ferguson as "Bing Hitler" way back, it amuses me greatly that he's a big US chat show host.
Yeah, local (ish) boy done good, good to see he's sorted himself out and made a big name for himself (though I must confess i'm always a bit ambivalent about Brits becoming US citizens, his choice of course).

(and hopefully this'll show up on Youtube at some point)
I remember him when he was an only slightly slimmer version of Robbie Coltrane. Ah, happy days. :0)
I just thought I'd say I enjoyed seeing David dance and sing on the show. I enjoyed his story about his Scottish brother-in-law. The clip they showed also was a reminder of how well David expresses emotions by his facial expressions and the tone of his voice. He's a talented guy!!! I'm eager to see tonight's episode.
So I didn't miss it? It's tonight? Oh happy day!
It was on last night, but it's already out in cyber space so you'll be able to see David do his version of the River Dance.

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