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October 02 2007

On The Set Of "Chuck" Monday. Video of Adam Baldwin and the rest of the cast of Chuck in a morning interview on FOX.

Gotta love the question "how long will the series last."

CHUCK is really fun, and Adam Baldwin is great. He seemed kinda annoyed during that interview, I'm assuming he was in character.
I really like 'Chuck' too. Seeing Adam menace Chuck with a Buy More price gun was brilliant.

There's a nice Chuck-based interview with Adam here.
I absolutely love Chuck, Adam Baldwin is amazing in it: no one else can do a combination of scary/intimidating AND hilariously funny at the same time. I hope the show does well.
I enjoyed the second episode more than the first, in large part due to to the development of Casey. Definitely hoping that Chuck continues on for quite a while.
@Brian yeah I think you're right - he's in character. I'm very excited about this series. And the rents and I both love it (which is rare).
I thought the pilot was decent, but the show seemed extremely shallow. And it lacked even the realism of an Alias. Undecided so far.
I'm really digging on the show. With characters like Chuck, Morgan, Sarah, and Casey what's not to like? Hopefully I can dig this show for a long while to come.
Adam seems like the ideal coworker on a show -- always happy to leave the limelight to the lead actor but more than willing to take part in group hijinks. Looks like he's found himself another show with a great group of actors.
With a voice like his, I wish they would have let him speak more. Until the end, I thought his lips were glued shut.
Chuck-related question: does Chuck live in Giles's apartment? I think he does. Look at the beginning of the dinner scene with his sister.

Edited to add:
I'm loving "Chuck." Think of it as "Alias" if Marshall was the star. Awesome.

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I like that, Arabchick!
I thought the second episode was good. Mostly because AB had more to do. I loved how one tranq dart wasn't enough to bring him down. "This boy weighs a solid ton."
I'm enjoying Chuck. It's not realistic, but it is not trying to be. It's just fun.

Anyone else catch the Lost shout-out?
Chuck rocks!
Shallow? Certainly -- like a campy version of Alias. It's not trying to be all deep and complicated, so you don't have to pretend it all makes sense.
Enjoy life. Laugh more.
Shallow doesn't necessarily mean bad. It's fun and silly... and Adam Baldwin's character (heck all of them) are great.

The Lost shoutout was AWESOME.

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