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October 03 2007

Buffy Season 8 # 7 out today. The issue hits your friendly neighborhood comic store today. Spoilers indicated are very mild, at best.

More from Buffy and the gang in another Faith-centric issue. Brian K. Vaughan is penning this arc, and by most accounts did a bang-up job with the start of it. Many of us are certainly looking forward to October's installment! The link to Dark Horse is very summarize-y of the arc, with cover art. Any real spoilers happen when you click through and preview pages.

I think we'll use this one as the general "yay new Buffy today" thread and post a discussion thread sometime later on in the day. Which is an awfully long winded way of explaining why I removed your spoiler tag.
Yay New Buffy Today!

Simon, I <3 you
WIll be picking up this and Spike:Shadow Puppets #4 later today.
YEY! IT'S BUFFY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. :) :) :)
Buffy, Spike, and Sugarshock day. Good times.
I just read it.

Loved it.

No further comment!

(Online info for the store where I got it [Alexandria, VA] said it opened at 11...I got there a few minutes after, and although the door was unlocked, the store wasn't open...a guy was unpacking boxes of newly delivered comics...the place doesn't open till 12:30! I asked if he could sell me the book anyway, and he said no, because he had no access to the cash register. I had a five dollar bill, but he was reluctant to take it, as he had no change. I told him that was okay, please, could you give me the book for five bucks? He relented, thankfully!)
Ooh! I get off of work in 30 minutes... can't wait to grab this up!
Thank you, Simon. Being the almighty gold named being you are, I don't think that your unspoiling my post could ever offend me. Unless I was just plain whacko.

On my way to the comic book store now. Hooray.
Well if people want to discuss the issue in depth, I've posted a review thread for that very purpose.
I can't wait to get it. Right after work I'm heading to the comic store.

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