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October 03 2007

(SPOILER) The Slayer's Footprints - an interview with Scott Allie. The Dark Horse editor gives Fractal Matter the lowdown on Joss, Buffy season 8, Sugarshock and the next Serenity comic book mini-series (including the March release date).

Shouldn't there be a spoiler tag on this one, Simon? He's getting pretty far ahead with some things.
Can I be dead cheeky and impose upon someone to tell me/us what the release date is for the Serenity mini series ? Don't want to click because of the other spoilers.
Shouldn't there be a spoiler tag on this one, Simon?

Yep you're right.

Can I be dead cheeky and impose upon someone to tell me/us what the release date is for the Serenity mini series ?

"Starting in March."
Ta Simon/dreamlogic. Cool, a "fall" treat, a Spring treat, wonder if the AXM finale/annual's due sometime in the Winter ?

Feel all pagany, may hug a tree.
"Itís the official chorological follow-up to the show,". I love interviews that use big words! Seriously, this is quite an amazingly in depth interview. A great read.
I did not like hearing that Joss was writing Sugarshock when he was supposed to be writing Goners but I guess that he has to follow his Muse.
Hmm. I think we missed the Satsu thing because it was so obvious we did not believe that it could be the case.....
Yeah, Dana, we didn't really miss it, did we, so much as wonder if there was more to it, or going to be more to it, than just that? Satsu being thus far a minimally developed character, primarily notable for cool hair.
Well, that's said and good. However, keeping the fruits and various meats close "just in case".
Dark House Comics?
Interesting interview, but whoever typed it made a few factual errors.
Great interview!
Very interesting stuff. Serenity mini series will be huge.
Hold up, Satsu? Where did that come from? Was I just, not paying attention at all?
"Cinnamon buns!"...cinnamon lipgloss...hello?
Plus she kinda smirked when Buffy borrowed her lipgloss. I think some of us who got the cinnamon connection and thought that was probably what it meant were also unsure because someone (I won't name names) likes to create a reader expectation and then undermine it. ;) But that's what I like about reading, too.

People are shocked by the stuff that we expect them to be shocked by; theyíre going to continue to be real shocked.


itís not that we do fewer reprints because numbers of going down, itís that weíre printing more copies because weíre trying to learn. Issue 5 we didnít have to reprint because we just printed the hell out of it, itíll keep selling for months after it comes out, crank it up.

That's good to know for future reprint and sales number discussions. Also, it makes me very happy.
Also, I'm envious of those emails Scott Allie is archiving on his computer. Very envious indeed.

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Man, I'm almost looking forward to more Sugarshock than I am to the new Buffy issue.
40 issues; that'll be roughly 2011 soemtime if there aren't too many skipped months; since it's satrting in 2004 how much outside world time will tt bloody well cover anyway? Well, Joss could write in some "skips" like they do in "Doonesbury" or "Funky Winkerbean."

Hmm, Solomon Kane turns into a bad guy in the Bufffyverse? I think soembody's got a bit of an overly narrow view of the character there *grin.
I wish I'd thought of that,except it's been too many decades since I read Solomon Kane; we just had a fic challenge on another board to do Buffy crossovers. (I won't say whom she met since people who'll be reading the stories come here.)
S9 is definite and Better Days hits in March. I was in a bit of a grumpy funk after waking up this morning, but now I'm all a-flutter.

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