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October 03 2007

Best Cancelled TV Shows tag list on Amazon. allows you to tag items by keywords, thus creating a whole new kind of lists of favorite or at least related items. Searching for a different (and not-yet-cancelled) show, I just stumbled across the "Best Cancelled TV Shows" list. Guess which show has the most tags by far?

(I hope this hasn't been posted before; I searched the archives but found nothing.)

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It's nice that Firefly gets this recognition but I see Serenity also got tagged with "best cancelled TV show" as well. Which was a little bit odd.
Guess which show has the most tags by far?

My guess would either go to Tarzan or Skin.

Oh wait, what about that show with hookers in space? That one was okay.
Angel shows up, too, with 53. Buffy, which of course was not canceled, also makes an appearance way down the list.
It's so sad that many of the shows on the list are among my favorites :(
Simon -- I'd find it nicer if FIREFLY were collecting Golden Globes in its fifth (or sixth?) season ... but yeah, under the circumstances it's also nice to know people are still lamenting it.

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