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October 03 2007

Tony Head axed from Sweeney Todd? His Website doesn't have the movie under his filmography anymore. And according to this article from May, after Johnny Depp was absent from filming because of his daughter's health, scheduling became tight and half a dozen actors got their roles cut.

I throughly searched Whedonesque and couldn't find any solid article stating that he had been cut, so if there actually is one and this is old news then I'm really sorry.

The article doesn't say his name but since his Website doesn't have the movie under his filmography anymore, its safe to assume that he was one of unnamed actors that had been cut.

Noooooooooooo. :(
As if this movie wasn't doomed already...
The linked article is from May, when they first announced the cast cuts - but far more telling for me is that ASH's site - which formerly had the role listed, and a note that they couldn't say more about his role at that time - seems to have removed all mention of the movie.

It's a damn shame - I was looking forward to seeing ASH sing in one of my two favourite Sondheim musicals.
I think we've seen that article here before (it feels familiar), but the removal from ASH's site seems to make it definite.

However, I noticed that ASH's site did also mention he'll be in this, which will have to do as some kind of substitite!
Also a shame about Christopher Lee, if you've seen "The Wicker Man" you know he has an impressive sort of a voice.
Seeing as the article doesn't mention Tony Head, I've tweaked your entry with a qualified headline.
Aww, that's a shame.

Kiddo, Repo! sounds fun, stars Paris Hilton. Which pretty much already dooms it.
Well, poo. :-(
I second OzLady and LunaKitty's responses. I'm still looking forward to the movie, after seeing two very good TV versions, but it would have been a kick seeing Tony in it.
Very disappointed! I'm a big fan of Sweeney Todd, and was really curious to see what they'd do and who ASH would be playing (didn't know what "Ballad Ghost" meant - I don't recall ever seeing that in a cast of the musical). And although I never in a million years imagined Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter when thinking about Sondheim or this musical, I do love them both and am very interested to see how they do.
Kiddo, UnpluggedCrazy ; Take heart...I've heard Paris has a small part in it; I refuse to speculate on it tho.
Okay, that's one I don't have to put on my Netflix list now.
As Chris Lee said in his usually professional manner, "Such things happen." Too bad we won't see him and Tony together!

And I scrolled up the page & I didn't realize the Prince and Princess of Kent were such losers.
I've been assuming that a "Ballad Ghost" character is used to help re-create Lucy Todd's sad experience at Judge Turpin's long-ago party, recounted by Mrs. Lovett to Sweeney in "Poor Thing."

Well, but I make up stories all the time, and it doesn't mean they're true. Doesn't much matter now, iffen they're all gone.

I still look forward to seeing Alan Rickman and others, and to finding out what Tim Burton makes of it all...
ASH is in Sweeney Todd, although his role is cut to one line only. In Pirelli's Miracle elixir scene, just a little line to Johnny towards the end. Unfortunately, we don't even see his face - but the 3/4 profile of the back/side of his head (the line of his forehead & brow gave it away immediately) was unmistakable for a Buffyphile like me. I didn't realize he was slotted to be in it - imagine my surprise when I recognized His Britishness for just a split second!! Then unfortunately - gone.
Julzey9, you must have blinked. They do in fact show his full face before they switch to the 3/4 profile.

As far as "Ballad Ghost" goes, in the normal production of Sweeney there is a chorus which has songs that open and close the play as well as bridge the songs by the primary characters. These chorus members play lunatics and folks on the street and hapless victims of our good barber. I'm assuming, as the person who inquires of Sweeney where his establishment is, that ASH might have been singing later on as the ghost of a victim during one of the chorus ballads. However, as glorious as this movie version of Sweeney is, and it is bloody glorious, all chorus parts have been stripped away (my guess is for both time purposes, and also because it is a film so they can easily "show" all the things that the chorus songs "tell" you about). Therefore, no singing part. Only a quick cameo.

But, I was happy we at least got that much.

And Sweeney Todd is made of awesome :)

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