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October 03 2007

Nathan Fillion on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Nathan Fillion will be on Ellen Degeneres tomorrow (Thursday) talking about his debut on Desperate Housewives.

Check under 'Thursday'. He's on after Tom Selleck.

The site says this:
"Desperate Housewives" neighbor, NATHAN FILLION. Nathan plays a sexy gynecologist who is married to Dana Delany. Hmmmm. What dark secret might they have?

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My DVR is set! Let's hope it's as much fun as The Late, Late Show.
OMG Amazing!!!!
I really hope the 'Verse gets a nod.
Great! I can add it to my DVD of his appearance on Craig Ferguson a few months ago. Hopefully, he can appear on Jimmy Kimmel soon, too.
But, but...I-I'm in class. I can't watch it!



Sorry. Will try to compose myself.
He was awfully adorable. No mention of FF, though. :(
Hilarious. I have a feeling he's on the verge of breaking through in a big way.
So funny and cute. He plugged Waitress, but no mention of Firefly/Serenity. I loved the story of having to take care of the dirty elderly cat he hates (I'll bet Ellen will invite him back just on the basis of that).
Poo-poo headed barf boys!

I spaced and missed it. I didn't even know when Ellen was on, and remembered to check JUST AFTER it ended.

If anyone pops it on YouTube, I hope someone lets us know.
He is so cute and funny!! (said Mrs. Obvious)

If he does 'break through', it can only further fuel Serenity DVD sales and then, if there really is ANY chance in hell for a sequel (or, please god, a prequel), a completely broken-through Nathan can only help improve that.

he got itty bitty stairs so elderly Dirty-Kitty could get up on his bed !! this makes me feel a whole lot better about being a fan of his, since i don't generally give my attention to people who are "not a fan" of cats :D
No mention of Firefly, but I couldn't get my mind off of the fact that he was wearing a very "Mal"-style shirt. A Brownish colored shirt! :)

I definitely got the impression that Ellen wants him to come back sometime...
The cat story was hilarious, but I wish he'd had a chance to pimp the collector's edition.
The home page of Ellen's website has a brief clip of Nathan's interview. The link is . I'll try to make an actual link here.

It's the video of the day, so I imagine something else will take its place Friday afternoon.

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ohh, an alleged photo of Nathan's old kitty:
Um, dunno if anyone will still see it in this thread, but here's the video on YouTube.

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