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October 04 2007

A sequel to Serenity? Alan Tudyk seems to think it might be happening.

Is there anything more that can be said then "Woot!"

Ooooh...wonder what's going on behind closed doors.
NO WAY!!! This would be the best Xmas present EVER! :)
The prospect reduces me to sputtering and internet abbreviations. Of joy, need I say...


If this isn't the case, there'll be some egg on some faces, 'cause this'll light up and spread through large areas of the internet like wildfire...

And if it is true, can I just say that aside from joy and rapture, a certain little feeling of "and in your face" towards a certain network is erupting within my fevered soul...

Please let it be true. *lights incense and starts casting spells...*
I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high, but part of me wants to go clear out the local Best Buy's stock of Collector's Edition DVDs. All we can do for now is hope!
The news contained within the article is exciting enough for me to over-look the truly bizarre writing style. ("shizzle"? Never ever again please.)

I'll wait to hear from big purp himself, of course, but if it's really a possibility... that would be amazing. Give Joss something to work on after Goners, right? ;-)
Nope. I refuse to believe. Not even Alan can get my hopes up for this one. I'll just be satisfied with what I've got, and regard it as the complete totality of what I will ever see in this 'verse. That way, if something does happen, it'll be just...neat.

This, by the way, is one of the benefits of being a confirmed life-long pessimist. If something goes right, it's always a pleasant surprise; if something goes wrong, at least you get the satisfaction of saying "I knew it!"
A Serenity sequel? Holy ... umm, shizzle. What a sweet thought to contemplate as I head sleepward. Now, let's hope this mass mutual dream can make the leap to becoming a flesh 'n' celluloid reality! :)
That's certainly an interesting comment from Alan Tudyk, although I have a defense mechanism that renders me incapable of believing in Serenity 2 until I've bought my ticket or preordered the DVD from Amazon. I also wonder if Alan realizes that castmembers talking about a Serenity sequel even hypothetically is a huge deal to some folks. Not that he shouldn't talk, but tread lightly for you tread on dreams and stuff.
The interview LOOKS real.
There are still some very specific stories that I'd like to see one day in the Verse (Inara's secret, Book's past, the fate of a certain mister Jubal Early), but I had resigned to the probability that all of these stories would eventually be told in Dark Horse comics, but now... I don't know. Firefly taught us to never stop believing, but for my own sake that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Until we hear anything concrete, that is. :)
I keep trying to balance Alan's reliability against the breathless style of the "reporter" and I find I'm holding my breath every time I think about it. If this is real, I may end up dead from self-asphyxiation.
Well I'm an optimist when it comes to Firefly/Serenity/Joss so I choose to believe this will happen. Now what's happening with that Ripper series?
I'm with you, cabri. I'm looking for the truth of the words and past whatever twist there might be by the (understandably) super-fucking-excited interviewer.

So, if this is true, that there's at least a little talk...well, that's good enough for me.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I've never been good at that kind of thing.
Hm Iīm still a bit wary, since the film business is shaky as well, but yay... thatīs very good news. *keeps fingers crossed*
Maybe the CE already sold eleventy kabillion copies.

And remember this from Joss himself from that ROS interview:

"So give me hope for a Serenity II.

JW: Hope for it probably rests with this DVD.

Well I'll buy one.

JW: Actually I will too, people ask me why I would buy my own DVD and I tell them do you have any idea how awesome it is to buy your own movie?

So then you're saying we've got a chance?

JW: Well it's probably not being discussed in boardrooms right now, but the fact of the matter is if it makes enough money sooner or later they say 'hey, this is money!' Also there are paradigms that are much cheaper, it doesn't have to be enormous. But on the other hand I'm happy to say all of my actors are working very hard. It's not the same situation where we all threw in for pennies because we had to finish telling that story. Now that situation might be harder to bring about."


Well, I have to go to sleep at this most intriguing moment in Serenifly's history... but I think I might have trouble dropping off right away... All this, and Pushing Daisies - which rawked it hard - too.

The Spirits have done it all in one night...

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For my part, cautious optomism will have to do....

is there such a thing as a "Provisional Happy Dance"?



You all can have cautious optimism. I'll be on the rooftops.

*Doesn't mind looking like Chicken Little... in some twisted reverse form, anyways...*
Well, I'm all out of breath from doing the Snoopy dance.
Oh how I hope this story is real... my heart would not appreciate the wear and tear if it isn't. The duct tape that's been holding it together ever since Firefly was canceled may need some reinforcing.

Further confirmation from folks in-the-know would be a good thing... and so that's why I'm holding off on my shouting from the rooftop thing.

Well confirmation, and also that it's after 2 a.m.... and there might be racoons on the roof now...
I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I've never been good at that kind of thing.

I'm saying to myselft "it's a hoax! it's a big hoax!", because hoping for something to come to pass and being disappointed, not with me, it's too hard. But then, the same as UnpluggedCrazy!
I say even if this is a bunch of bull, which I'm seriously hoping it's not, we should organize a mass browncoat purchase of the DVD, perhaps on a certain date, to let Universal know that we're still out here and we still have some power.
While I would dealy love there to be a sequel, forgive me if I remain skeptical for the time being (its also better for my health that way). While I am sure all of Alan's quotes are genuine there is actually very little new info in the article that we didn't already know. He is quoted as saying that the original DVD has sold extremely well, something Joss has already stated a few weeks back, which is why they made the CE. However, Alan himself is not actually quoted as saying the CE has also been selling really well (this seems to have been inferred by the author). Alan also says that the whole cast would love to do another movie, but from what we know of all the BDH's that is also a bit of a no-brainer.
I just wonder if the "talk" is, in fact, exactly that quote that QuoterGal, err, quotes except probably as related to Alan directly by Joss. We've all seen for instance the way Kate Beckinsale became a shoe-in for Wonder Woman after an April fool's joke was interpreted as fact and spread out of control. Sometimes I think Joss and the cast act like, y'know, normal human beings and accidentally forget that thousands of people hang on their every interviewed word (probably because if they thought about it, they'd never say anything again - that's the kind of terror it'd fill me with anyway ;).

That said, if true it'd be huge news and I for one would be about the happiest i've ever been to be "wrong" (just sceptical and pessimistic really but to such an extent that it would probably count as wrong).
Empire and Chud cover the MovieHole news. I will say this though, if I thought the interview was in anyway misconstrued or false I wouldn't have ran it.
Rereading the interview, it does seem like the genuine prospect of a sequel was inferred by the interviewer and that Alan was just reiterating what Joss has said, that with this DVD rests the chance of a sequel.

But I'm still way more optimistic than I should be right now.
I don't buy it, sorry.
Wait. This news is coming from the dead guy?
Hope, that thing I thought was gone; it's back. Dear fluffly's back.
I'm with BAFfler and Saje in terms of bitter pessimism... but would never be happier to be completely and utterly wrong. In the words of someone famous...

"When your miracle gets here you mash that button."
I want to be screaming with joy right now, but part of me just...can't.

I don't want to speak for everyone, but I think the experiences I've had with the Jossverse has made me somewhat bitter and very pessimistic. Not to say those aren't good traits to have sometimes, but it makes it very hard for me to get excited about TV anymore. And judging from the posts here, I'm not the only one.

And the execs wonder why viewership is declining... :(
I'll believe it when Joss tells me to.
Just to back Simon up on this one (not that he needs it), but it's real quotage. Alan has been saying he thinks there will be a sequel for a long time, though - he said it not too long ago in Wired magazine, before the CE was even announced.

Personally, I would say it's doubtful it will get another big screen outing. But you never know.
I like Mr. Tudyk's way of thinking, and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.
I too find myself on the deeply-pessimistic-brand-of-optimism express. Where will it stop? I try not to think about that, for fear of disappointment.
Assuming they are about to make a sequel, does anyone else find it more than a little amusing they would tell the dead guy?
I'm setting aside all pessimism and weighing in with a big ol' plate of woohoo and a side of keepin' my fingers crossed.
You know, if you happen to be making your first post at Whedonesque then this is the type of thread that you want to be doing it in.


Okay, calm. Film not actually made yet. Relax.

Seriously, this is amazing news and whilst I share the need to hold on to just a little pessimism to avoid total devastation should this not happen, I can't help but think this sounds awfully possible, especially the way the direct-to-DVD idea is taking off recently. Fingers very crossed.

Quick thank you to Simon for helping me out. I owe you one. :)
The early dvd sales pushed the movie into profitability. If the special edition does equally well, there's plenty of room to believe that Universal will look at a sequel.
Heh, thanks to Alan, Serenifly guests at every convention for the next year will be asked about a sequel.

Seems like whenever we get to the point of no hope, there is a little spark that brings it back. I'm not totally optimistic about a sequel, but considering that Joss recently addressed the direct-to-DVD possibilities, and now Alan is sounding more hopeful than ever, I admit my hope has grown about 6%. On the other hand, this feels like another up in a long line of ups and downs. See also: animated BUFFY, Ripper, the Spike movie... all were either "it's a go" or dead, depending on whatever the most recent news story said.

So call me cynical with a side order of hope. I just can't whoop it up until Mr. Purple tells us it's ok.
I'm happy to drag out my hope and faith and set it out for Serenity II.
As excited as I am of a possible Serenity II, I am equally mortified at the prospect of an I Robot II coming out first. (or would that be II Robot?)

Between all this and the joy of a new Sugarshock, it's a lot to take before 7am.
So call me cynical with a side order of hope.

I think that's our life message, Diz.
Interesting and not terribly productive thought:

Wouldn't it be cool if there was some way to convince Amazon, et. al., to offer a provisional preorder for Serenity II? Set it up just like it was a real product and accept real money for a flick that hasn't even been agreed upon yet, and watch where the total goes? They wouldn't actually charge the account until the product was eventually produced and shipped, of course, but one could show one's financial support in advance of production as a very real motivator for the suiticons who look at such things.

Just a mad thought. Whacha think?
Ya, I think "the dead guy" would probably be one of the first to know because he's one of the busiest. Just my opinion at least.

If it goes straight to DVD can we show it at Can't Stop the Serenity so peeps can see it on the big screen? That would be shiny.

OK, back to reality...this probably won't happen, but one can dream.
Even if it isn't happening, this might be a good opportunity to have the rumor mill working for Serenity2. Kinda like a Jedi-mind trick on the executives. "I hear that the last movie turned out profitable, and other executives are talking about making another movie." They keep hearing that, they might make it true.
Funnily enough ScrewtheAlliance that business model has been pioneered by the group Marillion, that's exactly what they did for a tour and an album. Faced with declining sales and a less than supportive record company they got their fans to pay up in advance, which financed a north american tour and a new album and has essentially been how they have operated ever since, allowing for greater artistic freedom and a very direct dialogue with the fans... Now there's a thought.
I'll take any bit of hope!
And since when did minor inconveniences (like being dead) ever stop 'Verse characters from showing their smiling faces?

Joss would figure out a way.
I'm with BAFfler and Saje in terms of bitter pessimism... but would never be happier to be completely and utterly wrong. In the words of someone famous...

"When your miracle gets here you mash that button."

Haunt | October 04, 12:23 CET

No, nonononono, Haunt my friend. Not bitterly pessimistic. Just...ummm...the second one.
So . . . I hear news from has a tendency to be not the most accurate. I really wanna get excited about this, but I'm holding out a heavy dose of caution . . . I'd love to see it reported at another site, one perhaps with a better reputation for accuracy.

After the crap week I've had, it was a beautiful way to start the morning though. ::crosses fingers::
My belief is strong. My faith is strong. I want more, I have asked for more, I have pleaded for more, so I believe, I believe, I BELIEVE.
Serenity Sequel? Yes, please.
Get to work on that, Mr. Whedon. Pronto.
My sense here isn't necessarily that Moviehole inferred (or misconstrued) Alan's comments, but that it's just as likely/possible that it's Alan who has inferred (or misconstrued) what he's heard about old DVD sales/new DVD sales/sequel possibility.

So, for the moment, I remain in the "this article doesn't tell us anything" camp.
I do believe in sequels, I do I do I do I DO believe in sequels!
Pleasepleasepleaseplease. Even if it's not "Hey guys, it's been greenlit!" it's hope. Best thing to do is to KEEP everyone talking and make the buzzing so loud that they can't help but to do it. That would be frakkin' incredible and I would weep tears of joy. And do every happy dance I know. :D
... it's just as likely/possible that it's Alan who has inferred (or misconstrued) what he's heard about old DVD sales/new DVD sales/sequel possibility.

I'm in the very-cautious-but-optimistic camp myself, but I do think Alan is probably privy to a bit more info than the rest of us, and may know something we don't. I'm not saying he's heard the word "green-lit" or anything, but I'm willing to entertain the possibility that he knows more than what we've been able to cobble together here on the outside looking in.
I'd urge healthy skepticism. This is what, third-degree hearsay? We don't know if this guy really interviewed Alan, we don't know what Alan's exact words were, we don't know if he was misinterpreted, and we don't know whether Alan knows any more than we do about the prospect of a sequel. If he said something along the lines of "The DVD's selling really well, and that makes a sequel someday more likely," than it jibes with what Joss has said and doesn't mean there's been any real, tangible progress. If it was stronger than that, then, well. It doesn't fit very well with the rest of what we've been told. I want a sequel as much as anybody, but I'm not getting excited until Joss shows up to tell us it's been greenlit. linked to the same moviehole post, but raised some questions about whether the interview was recent, and whether Alan's comments were taken out of context or misconstrued. Clint, the interviewer from moviehole commented on their post, saying:

the interview with Alan was conducted "today" so its very recent.

And no, he wasn't taken out of context - Tudyk's pretty certain SERENITY 2 is on the books again.

I'll cross my fingers.

I read the link and noticed a rumor that Chiwetel could be Black Panther. I guess I missed that one first time around. Two happy rumor items for me!
Cautiously Optimistic... as always!
Even though I'm happy with how the 'first' movie came out ;-) and so would be content without a sequel, I would love, love, love to see more of these people together anyway we can. Therefore, I am trying to be cautious and realistic, while inside jumping up and down. Sounds like most of the other people in this thread.

Having already read Sugarshock, Buffy S8 #7 and Spike: Shaddow Puppet yesterday before I saw this, I feel as if I had a very delicious Whedonesque-filled day - with icing on top!
I'm normally quite pessimistic, but for some strange reason, a high-pitched squealing sound just came out of my mouth. Sounded a bit like "SQUEE!" but I can't be certain...
Until Joss himself posts something here to confirm it's even being talked about, I'm going to try very hard not to get my hopes up.

Thus, a very faint squeal of possible delight is all I will allow myself. *eee!*
Just awaiting word from His Purpley Goodness....

Where IS His Geekship when we need him most?
Purpley Goodness... ahhaha.

My guess if things are the in the "talking" phase he'd wait for things to solidify before he comments... but I would love to be wrong and hear from Lord Purple sooner :)

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What? A sequel to Serenity?
That's a GREAT idea!
It's Brilliant!
My fragile heart cannot handle the prospect of a sequel and then have it ripped away again
*crossing fingers. walking backwards through doorways* Please, please, please TPTB let this be true.
I'm holding off from getting too excited till money's changed hands and signatures are on dotted lines. But on that day... woo! hoo!
Up to my neck in work so I only read this just now. Off to order the damn special edition from I'll risk the customs tax.
Please Joss...where are you? We need more info. I'll beg, I can do away with my pride in the name of a possible sequel. I get so sad when I think about all the stories we may never hear. I want Kaylee and Simon to have a whole gaggle of incredibly brilliant, mechanically inclined fat babies.
Well, I hope this is allowable linkage...

By an odd confluence of timing, I just put together some new guerilla marketing bookmarks specifically to promote the Serenity CE DVD. The idea may sound a little off-beat, but eye-catching, strategically placed, bookmarks can get the word out in their own subtle, yet direct, way.

It would show an extra boost of support to put a little more fire under those CE sales, and further assure Universal there's some coin to be made with more Serenity.

For anyone who's interested, the guerilla marketing posters, mini-posters, and new bookmarks, can be found here.
I'll take what I can get, but there's just sooo many stories to tell in this 'verse... here's to Firefly. Again.
Hope is a beautiful thing. I may have to buy a few copies of the CE for my friends.
Do we have any idea how many copies it has sold? How much money it has made? I know there was a thread about this the other day, but I can't recall the actualities of it. It involved numbers and therefore my mind stopped working.

Serenity Infinity is this weekend in London, maybe we should pose the question to Morena!
My opinion only - Joss wouldn't or couldn't or shouldn't comment at this point, unless it were to be greenlit, in which case I don't think we would have to ask him about it.

Anything less or prior to would mean either 1) it's no more or less true than it was when he talked to Rope of Silicon, so why should he comment yet again, or 2) it's in a state of being discussed or negotiated or whatever, in which case he could hardly talk about it publicly.
Well yeah, if you're gonna get all logical on us. ;)
If so- that absolutely rocks.

If there is another one... and I know I'll get killed for this, but I thought that on some levels, putting the film and the tv series side by side- that Serenity worked better as a tv show as it gave the characters enough screen time to be themselves (similiar to Star Trek: Next Generation was gave more emotional whollops in the tv show than any of their films) and at a comfortable enough pace so fans could enjoy them for just being themselves...(* in fact, one person I know referred to Firefly as "Seinfeld on a Spaceship"- and in a way I kind of agree---) some of the best moments came when not just when the crew was doing their 'day job' (the pirating/cool action stuff), but when they just sat around the mess hall eating and shooting the fat.

If there is/was a Serenity sequel-either on biggie screen or as straight to dvd- my hope is that the sequels are more like the tv show, less focus on the spectacle... imho the show doesn't need it. A lot of scifi shows can dazzle with awesome visual fx and explosions and lazerblasty stuff, but how many scifi shows can dazzle with characters you just want to see being themselves and sipping coffee? That's my overlong two cents if the dvd movies or sequel feature film movies happen, anyways....

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As always, beautiful work 11thHour!
But Wash is dead. Er, resting! I meant resting. He's on vacation on a Bermuda-like planet, where his shirts are the standard attire. Not on duty for law-defying and ill-advised heroics of any kind.

Anyway, I'm not getting excited unless I hear something real official-like.
ohhh my... staying cautiously optimistic myself.. let us hope this pans out.. Alan could be right, there could actually be talk, but whether that translates into greenlight...well we will see... waiting for the confirmation, before I spam all my friends and other browncoats about this good news...
I'm not going to get my hopes up at all about this. If it were to come to pass, I would be as excited as anyone. But I've ridden this roller-coaster-ride-for-the-heart before.
Taking this with a large dose of salt...still, nothing wrong in hoping there's a grain of truth here, right?

Tapping my heels together three times, "There's no place like serenity."
Actually, Sunfire, Wash was part of a cloned set of boys and in the sequel Alan Tudyk will have a much bigger role playing several of his own cloned brothers.

Oh and I agree that the sequel should be a nice long two hour meal, kind of like 'Babette's Feast' on board Serenity.

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Moviehole (the source for the story) is notoriously inaccurate. Until this shows up on a reputable site, don't believe it.
I'm at Serenity Infinity right now. It starts tomorrow night. I will hopefully speak to Morena....and then I will post here. But due to giddyness and alcohol combined I will probably misconstrue and take out of context anything that she says to me.
ooooo! Wosh was cloned? Do they do shadow puppets?

Maybe they grew up juggling geese!
YES YES YES YES!!! DOOOOOO ITTTTTTT!!! I would actually cry with happiness if the sequel was um...shouldn't we all be out buying more Special Edition DVDs??? YES...GO!
To the video store! Snatch those special edish DVDs before ol' Rumor Crusher comes round again to crush our rumors/hopes and dreams.

My heart is happy. And I live in Minneapolis, so I'll be seeing in on the big-screen again tomorrow night. Good timing, people!
hey..wait a minute....weren't we already told this was NEVER going to happen? I seem to recall that. :|
Holy Mother of Oats! I turn my back for five minutes (that's how long it takes to admire my lovely back) and the interweb goes banoonoos! Isn't there any ACTUAL news to get wrong? Sorry about all this; it might be best if I just stay off the computer for a while. Or just glut the feed with wild conjecture. Hmm, let's see... I'm me, so... let's glut! Here are some ABSOLUTELY TRUE statements of factiness. Gentlemen, start your websites.

1) Wonder Woman has finally been cast. To no one's surprise, we eschewed all those tired movie and TV personalities and cast the interweb star "Lonelygirl", or whatever her actual name is. Congratulations, whomever!

2) I've got a thirteen episode commitment from the CW, so get ready for the long-awaited "Primative and Cheese Man". She's the first Slayer, he's a meaningless hallucination -- can they put aside their differences long enough to fight crime?

3) "CLEM!" Broadway. The number where he eats Rum Tum Tuggle will make you laugh and cry and throw up in your mouth slightly.

4) I will absolutely, posatively never ever do any kind of Serenity sequel or spinoff unless a studio asks me. Politely. Or meanly, that's cool too.

5) Warren Ellis's beard has a foyer. It's quite nice: shaker furniture, and a cute ceramic umbrella stand.

6) Kelly MacDonald and Gong Li have got to stop fighting over me 'cause who are they embarrassing? Themselves, that's all.

7) I'm tired of me.

Right. Cue chaos. And yes, number seven is more or less true. But my little britjaunt is through (Alexis rocked "All My Sons") and I'm grindstone bound, so I won't be feeding any more rumorsites for a while. There's only one way to stop all this insanity, and that's to produce some actual work for people to write about. So I'll do that.

Here's a thing: when "Firefly" was cancelled, my heart got broke. Sounds a bit much, but it changed me. Not even "Serenity" could patch that wound. I'm wearier, warier -- after all those years as a movie writer, you'd think I'd be prepared for another lesson on my unimportance in the scheme of things, but I wasn't. There are two very separate worlds: the marketplace, and the bustling bazaar that is my brain. The brain place is crowded with goods, ideas, sequels, spinoffs, animated versions, miniseries, radio dramas -- this is just the used goods. All the new wares are in there as well and it's deafening. Once I create a verse I never let go of it. And figuring out how much of my energy should be devoted to reawakening the projects you all love with the actors and characters I all love, and how much should be forging ahead and creating entirely new works (which you are contractually obligated to love) is exhausting. More than you know. You know the horse caught bwtween two pools of water? Add seven pools, and make the horse wicked A.D.D. The other world, the marketplace, I don't even begin to understand or predict. All these rumor of projects or the death of projects... When the two worlds align and something actually happens, whatever it is, you guys know I'll be on this site as soon as I'm allowed to be. And I'll be very very clear. There is no news. Not never, just now. I'm off to lunch with Lonelygirl.

Your Scribe, -j.
joss | October 05, 17:09 CET

Yep...I knew I was right.
sigh . . .

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weren't we already told this was NEVER going to happen?


Yep...I knew I was right.

Dana, that isn't what the old comment you re-posted (from a year ago) says. Heh. In fact, the entirety of that thread was about -- surprise! -- people misconstruing what people had been saying on the issue.

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So is there still hope for future days of crashing fandango?
The full date should have been included on that Joss quote.

A lot can happen in a year.
A lot can happen in a year.

Not to mention what I actually did mention: That Joss' comment from a year ago didn't even say what Dana says it said.
Yeah - what b!x said (although do try to keep in mind that he is either an idiot or a smartass or possibly both ;>)

Joss' most recent word on the subject - that I am aware of - is in that thar ROS interview from August, 2007 that I linked to above - simply that any hope of a Serenity II rests with the CE DVD. We discussed it thoroughly here and some of us were thrilled at the notion of any Joss-sanctioned hope at all - myself included.

All Joss was saying about Serenity in his October, 2006 post above (and also here) was that there was no Serenity news at the time as was being rumored.

But it was good to read those again, to be reminded of this:

"When the two worlds align and something actually happens, whatever it is, you guys know I'll be on this site as soon as I'm allowed to be. And I'll be very very clear."

I love the idea of direct-to-DVD, and something more like a series than a flick... I like the feeling of time-spaciousness you get with the series, more than the fast-paced action of the flick. But whatever, whenever.

I ain't going anywhere... that I know of.
Anyone else think Dana's quote was from today- and that Joss was just repeating some favorite phrases? Yes? NO? Anyone??!

I'm firmly moving this rumor to the part of my brain taken up with birthday dates, taxes and the dancing Bush, so that when/if it's officially announced I can act like it's a HUGE surprise.
No, missb, Dana's reprint clearly states that Joss posted on Oct 5th, so either that means tomorrow (and she time traveled to get it) or it was from a year ago. And we all remember it from a year ago.
Since I always live with the dream of Universal asking (either nicely or meanly) for a sequel, I'm always ready willing and able to hope.
theonetruebix ~ Not to mention what I actually did mention: That Joss' comment from a year ago didn't even say what Dana says it said.

Yeppers. If anything, that quote shows just how deeply Joss is connected to the 'Verse, and that he would welcome the chance to create more... it's just that certain real world factors have to come into play for that to happen. The ol' art vs. commerce thingy...

There is a certain tinge of weariness in Joss' words, but I attribute that to what must have been going on work-wise in his life at the time. He sounds like his brain was going in several directions at once, and he also may have just recently had a studio meeting regarding the then active, and troubled, WW project, and his soul had taken some hits.

I brought up the date of the quote thing because this thread is liable to extend until tomorrow, and new viewers might think it's a just released statement from Joss.
If I'm recalling correctly Sean stated in an interview, the studios options on the actors expired in Sept of 07.
The timing of the contract & Alan's slip seems a bit too coincidental but I am an optimistic type. (fingers crossed)
I have four copies of the collector's edition lined up as stocking stuffers. All we need now is a PayPal account for Joss so we can start financing the second film.
Oh how Shiny!!!! Obviously I hope this will happen!! As for how Wash could appear, well, it could mainly be flashbacks or maybe the evil alliance takes his body and re-animates him somehow to use as leverage to get to Mal! We already had the episode with Tracey smuggling enhanced organs in his body.

And if it is true and it is direct to dvd would that mean a quicker turn around for it to be in our greedy little hands than if it went to the big screen first?

11th Hour I love all that you did that! Beautiful work!
Anyone sure you really want a Serenity 2? You know Simon or Kaylee has to die horribly if there is one... and the menfolk took it hard last time, so it might well be Kaylee. I'm not sure I want a sequel on those terms.

Although, logically, the next Serenity would deal with Inara's secret, since Book's secrets aren't compelling enough to base a movie around, now that he's dead. So, maybe Inara and/or Mal (but likely Inara) die horribly...
Book's secrets aren't compelling enough to base a movie around, now that he's dead.

Unless his story is told via parallels with the Operative's. (Not in a "Book was an operative" sense, but in the sense of the hypothesis that both men believed hard in something only to have it shatter, leaving them to build themselves back up again.)
What a happy day: Talk of Serenity 2, plus my hardcover of "Those Left Behind" was left behind by FedEx.
Aha embers, I come from a land down under, so your tomorrow is my today, and my yesterday would be your

It's great here in the future, however, we're STILL awaiting news of a Firefly/Serenity sequel-sequel!

ETA- If Inara IS going to die horribly, it surely means that she and Mal will get it on, true love et al, and then next day-

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The longer this goes without a vigorous denial, the more hope I have.

I go away for a couple days and the Interwebs go crazy. If this happens, I may have promised to eat my hat. I really hope that I get to go out and buy a chocolate hat sometime soon, but I won't be holding my breath.
Jclemens, I've been thinking that Mal & Inara will hook up, followed immediately by Inara's horrible painful death. But I disagree that Book's secrets would be too little since they might unfold revealing secrets about Blue Sun Corporation and why they torture adolescents to turn them into soldiers. I envision some big name star playing a Dick Cheney type Although I'm sure I'm completely wrong, I always am.
...weren't we already told this was NEVER going to happen?

OK, here's the thing:
In the movie business (and please, note that word--BUSINESS) there pretty much is no "NEVER".
Grab a hold of Variety and see what's in the queue for movies that are in post-production. What'll you see? You'll be seeing some sequels of movies that'll make you scream: "WTF, Jackson?! They're making a sequel....outta THAT P.O.S.???"
Why a sequel? Because that P.O.S., even if it didn't make money in initial theatrical release, sold the hell outta some DVDs.
Yep. I'm talking about someone is making some dollar bills, y'all.
Serenity was critically a success, and the first DVDs sold so well that they now have a Special Edition that's continuing that trend.
I wouldn't be surprised if one day---after counting the beans--- The Studios jump up and say, "Hey! This Serenity movie was so wonderful (and it was) we want to do a sequel!! Hooray!!!"
The only "never" that can be attached to the movie business is that they NEVER turn down a chance to make some $$$$$$.
I'm in the patiently hopeful camp, and this good news even if nothing is happening behind the scenes yet. As long as the headline "No Hope for a sequel" never runs, there is hope. A small one. A small glorious one. At least for me. :)

FWIW Harvey Chin, I agree with you about the "down time" moments.
AmazonGirl, I heartily agree. Until there comes a day when movie studios start saying "no" to money, then never say never.

Studios love sequels, and movies based on books, because they come with a built in following. That's a nice jump start on audience numbers, and easier to promote that something new that must build from the ground up.

Plus, our crew just keep on working and getting better known, which makes another movie more bankable... not so much the "cast of relative unknowns" anymore. (Which they never were anyway, but some reviewers seemed to think so... sheesh...)

I'd love to think that we are poised right now to ramp up for more Firefly/Serenity. But whether this recent article is accurate or not, I still think there's legitimate reason to believe we'll see more stories of the 'Verse in the not too distant future.

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Can someone w/ access nudge Joss & ask for a comment? I mean, he's always said just as soon as there's something to say, and I would expect him to do the same on this topic, but since it's floating around, now, and Alan's cruelly taunting us with possibility...

Visions of guerrilla marketing are dancing in my head.

[ edited by merrily on 2007-10-05 05:15 ]
If negotiations are stil going on -- something we have no way of verifying -- I'd wager he literally can't say anything yet.

I'd say be patient. When he can, his purpleness will stop by and clear things up one way or another. He did a year ago, he will again. Just keep lighting your incense.
"What a happy day: Talk of Serenity 2, plus my hardcover of "Those Left Behind" was left behind by FedEx."

Say what? Where did you order from?
Say what? Where did you order from?

Yeah, really. That would be more than a month before it's release date.

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TamaraC - If this happens, I will happily buy you a lovely chocolate hat.
I don't think my reaction is describable, but quickly scanning through the comments I think it's been pretty well covered in every respect. That said, if it were to ever happen, I'm so there. (But I'm not holding my breath only to be squished under the crushing weight of sucky reality if it doesn't happen. Boo 'reality'.)And I just know that if it never happened, I could read a similar story ten years from now and have the same heart-in-my-throat-hopeful-giddy reaction as now. Because that's the thing about us Browncoats, we're not real good at that whole giving up thing - apparently we're in it for the long haul. :) Although I do feel sorry for Joss sometimes because of our stubborness; if this isn't in any way even partially true and he has to step in and get us to wake up AGAIN, not fun. (Sorry, Joss. If you weren't so good none of this would have happened. :) Anyways, I will continue to be slightly hopeful just in case, and am now going to head off to Amazon to do some purchasing... Also were can I get a chocolate hat, that sounds fun.
Here's one, though I don't know if it's a regular item on the menu. Very pretty. Hey, mifeng, I'll pitch in the entire contents of my pocket towards buying one for TamaraC! Let me see...

Oops! *blushes* I don't got no pockets today.
I mean, he's always said just as soon as there's something to say ...

To which i'd respond, exactly. I.e. what conclusion do we provisionally draw from no Purple Postage ?

(though as others have said, if there were negotiations taking place, even at a fairly advanced stage, it'd be ill-advised and unprofessional to comment. Plus, it might jinx it ;)

So hope can keep springing for now but then that's kind of its schtick - bouncy wee fella ;).
Dera Buddah, I'd like a pony, a plastic rocket, and A SEQUEL TO THE BEST GORRAM MOVIE EVER!!!!

Speculation time: How about Universal greenlight Serenity 2 & 3 to be filmed back-to-back, like Back To The Future 2 & 3? It would make sense (to me, anyway!) They'd have all the cast and crew together, and all the sets... Just a thought...

However, that would be sad for two reasons: 1) The end of the story would be near; 2) Mal's death would be imminent (is that spelt rite?!)

Also, 11th Hour - love the artwork! There's just one reason I won't be using them to promote the DVD... IT'S NOT OUT IN THE UK YET!!! I want one - GIMME GIMME GIMME! Anyone know when/if it'll get a UK release?

Stay shiny y'all!
Or it's just more "lets make a few waves so people will buy it again"
Guys, if ABC is talking to Rob Thomas about reviving "Cupid", then anything is possible.
OK, at the risk of beating a dead mastadon, I still think that Firefly/Serenity is a dish best served in episodic format. While the prospect of a sequel certainly tingles my happy parts, the fact is that a sequel to the feature film is just not the best of all possible worlds. As a return to network TV due to contracts with demonic powers seems far more unlikely, perhaps it is time to explore other options. The Browncoat 'verse seems alive with explorational energy and radical new ideas, as well as being really good with the internets, so I'm going to once again propose a semi-regular direct-to-DVD release. Not quite full-blown theatrical release, with all of the expensive marketing and such, but a twice-to-quarterly release of episodes on DVD (and download, etc.).

Let's face it, Firefly's appeal isn't in the special effects and nifty action sequences, it's in the development of character and snappy Whedony dialog. The expensive parts of the production are building the gorram ship set, the post production, and the talent. Convince some suit to build the set and fund the production, get Joss, Minear, et. al. together to do the fun parts, everyone assembles for five, six weeks to shoot three or four scripts, then a little post-production magic and everyone can go home and wait for their residual checks.

Show me a DVD distribution company that wouldn't jump at the chance to pump three or four guaranteed good sellers a year, when they have crap like the Bethoven movies and third rate horror shlock cluttering up the warehouses. It's a franchise -- it should be treated as such. After a good year's sales of DVDs, then everyone gets together the next year and does it again, in between con appearances and other acting gigs.

This whole movie-making model is changing, rapidly, and we're too smart and too damn stubborn to let Firefly go on the drift in favor of another stupid Eddie Murphy fart movie. BSG is doing well, hell, even that godawful Starship Troopers sequel made money. Niche sci-fi is a slow but steady earner. Everyone wants it to happen.

So why isn't it happening?

Sorry for the whine.
As I have stated repeatedly before, for genre, direct to dvd is a great vehicle, especially for established shows and franchises. Babylon5 Lost tales, was sold recently, and from what little JMS posted, it did quite well ahead of the exec's expectations, so I think there may be a chance for more, ie a series of dvd episodes. And with Dead like me doing their direct to dvd movie, and Stargate SG1 made 2 direct to dvd movies, I think that could be quite a viable and profitable future for Firefly/Serenity.
"Yeah, really."

Hey, bix, do you not believe me? Or, is this the smartass side? (This is said with gentle, but firm, humor.) I won a hardback of "Those Left Behind" in the auction. I was asked how I wanted it signed, and I responded with humor. The very witty Jossgod signed it that way: "With my undying love and admiration, Joss Whedon". My life is now complete. Joss loves me, this I know, because the book told me so.
And he wrote my last name in sort of Mutant Enemy letters, I think.
Without getting carried away, my fingers remain crossed. It is hard to see why direct-to-DVD wouldn't work.

Oooooooo - very nice, Suzie.
Congratulations on a very righteous win Suzie, and that is some precious autograph to save and leave to your favorite child someday....
Oh, I forgot all about the hardcover being available via the auction.

And the "Yeah, really" was an expression of disbelief, but not in the sense of not believing you had one. Rather, disbelief that some retailer out there had managed to obtain and sell some. Which, as we see now, wasn't the case anyway. Heh.
I see that someone on the OB says that they asked someone to ask Nathan and he said no it wasn't happening (or words to that effect).
Adam Baldwin posted on the OB recently saying give up it, it ain't happening (or words to that effect). We'll see. It doesn't sound like there's plans afoot.
Gossi: I don't think that that is what Adam Baldwin said or meant, I felt that this was strictly a 'good-bye' because he wasn't going to spend any more time at the OB (in my mind that is a very different thing since his time at the OB was to discuss politics).
With all due respect to the actors, they aren't the ones to tell us the state of the project. They may be closer to the information than most people, but Joss is the one who has the information first hand. So I can't be disappointed in what Nathan or Adam said any more than I can allow myself to get too giddy with what Alan said.
Sweet Moses, stop toying with me.
Sweet Moses, stop toying with me.

Well, if Browncoats would stop be so easily toyed with....
Someone above wrote:

" I'm happy to drag out my hope and faith and set it out for Serenity II.


So am I. I will forever have so much frelling hope that it will spill over the tops of my soul and flood every fracking, frakking Browncoat on earth and all the potentials.

I have enough hope and optimism to go around. It never flickers for a moment.


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