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October 04 2007

A new issue of Slayage is available for your perusal. You'll find four interesting new essays here in Issue 24.

Againt he bisexuality issue,and more to the point the bisexual has its enemies amongst the LEft as well as the Right and Joss does identify with the former constituency. Perhaps a membership badge was being displayed.
Oh puh-leeze. Joss is in an impossible bind. If Willow displays bisexuality he's betraying lesbians. By keeping her gay, he's an enemy to bisexuals.

How about, he's just trying to tell a good story, that doesn't diss anyone's sexuality. Sometimes a cigar IS just a cigar.
Oh joy, new "Slayage" essays, thank you toast! Or not, since I just popped on here for a quick peruse and ended up reading most of the brilliant "Sounds Like Kinky Business to Me" and now it's almost 4 AM :)

Two quotes I loved:
"Buffy (BtS) is so subversive it even kinks it's own feminism". Fondly remembering many online debates about that issue, but I've never heard is summed up so succintly.

And: "Buffy's characters are so coherent and so realistic that they often appear to be speaking through the writers."

Talk about The Gift that keeps on giving :)
And re. Willow's sexuality, a topic of much discussion in these new essays ..... what barboo said. But then, the genius and artistic courage that is Joss, has a habit of putting himself "in an impossible bind". And giving lucky us stuff to discuss, debate and ponder until our heads explode. In a really happy way.

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