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October 04 2007

(SPOILER) First look at 'Runaways' #28. Comic Book Resources has a seven page preview of the latest issue of Joss' run, shipping the week of October 10th.

Molly remains one of comicbookdom's great creations....
Have they revealed what the zombie cover variant looks like? That seems like such a weird thing to be doing with this title and I'm curious what they go with...

edit: Hm, it's weird that it implies Molly leads the team, and I honestly don't remember this Clara girl at all. I'm worried I missed an issue when I was out of town... -_-;

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The bottom panel on the next to last page is my favorite Nico panel ever.

Klara's the kid who escaped from the factory in #27. You only got a glimpse of her there I think, but Karolina saw her running away and noticed the plants she used to escape. Then Karolina followed the flowers to the apartment and overheard Klara's dad threatening her.

Where does it look like Molly leads?

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