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August 04 2002

(SPOILER) Joss and Emma at Comic Con. Spoilers for both AtS and BtVS as heard at Comic Con in San Diego.

A quick list of spoilers in case the post is deleted from the board.

- Emma Caulfield insisted S7 is her last season again. (She wants to do theatre) But then backtracked on it.
- She's excited about what Joss has in store for her in S7
- There will be a flashback to OMWF in episode 5, Anya will be singing a ballad.
- Joss confirmed Faith will be returning to both AtS and BtVS: "they have a commitment from Eliza, but Joss did say that announcing it now might jinx it."
- OMWF CD release is confirmed
- On Season 8: UPN wants to do more Buffy seasons, but as a new show, not trying to replace SMG.

soooo happy!
eliza! yay!
Yay Eliza!
Season Eight: Faith the Vampire Slayer?

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