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May 21 2003

Boils and Blinding Torment review "Chosen". It's all a bit (unfairly?) snarky. No surprise there then.

I actually don't agree with their review at all, I really liked the finale. But I'm posting it in the spirit of y'know, completeness.

It looks like we've been going with completeness these last couple of days. However, there's something to say for picking the best of the best - filtering the news so to say. Try to post stuff that you think others should read.
I would usually do that, honestly I would, and always have tried to in the past. But with this being the final episode and everything, I've been interested in seeing what those news and review sources I've previously frequented have to had to say about it all in the end. I genuinely apologise if this link is somehat dubious quality, however.
No apology needed - I understand and agree.

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