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October 04 2007

(SPOILER) Yet another interview with Scott Allie. The Buffy Season 8 editor has more to say about Joss, Buffy, and Big Bads. Also, he reminds me that BtVS will be getting more attention than my beloved AtS. Dammit.

iF: Could there be a crossover with the ANGEL – SEASON 6 comic book that’s happening even though it’s with a different publisher?

ALLIE: We couldn’t do a crossover, and the storyline Joss suggested to them, is very separate from the thing we’re doing and needs to stay separate. He told them the kind of story to do, but he’s not doing the whole “executive producer” thing that he’s doing here. He’s not writing anything, he’s not story editing the way he’s doing here. On our stuff, if he doesn’t write it, he edits the story and breaks the story with the writer and he’s not doing that stuff there. He would be spreading himself too thin.

Hmmm. This would imply that we finally find out what is going on between Willow and Kennedy.
Well Allie needn't worry as I'm very relieved to hear that there won't be a crossover, as I'm one of those people who have been thoroughly unimpressed by the writing/direction of season 8 so far.
Damnit indeed. But then, I don't really think of Angel as Joss's show. It seemed to be more David Greenwalt's thing.
@Dana yes, Allie said as much in my interview on Strangely Literal.
I've liked what Joss is doing in season 8 but I don't think any type of real crossover or Angel/Spike appearance in it should happen until Angel:After the Fall wraps.

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I caught that, Browncoat.

It makes sense; we have already 7 issues out and there has been one reference, really, to Kennedy and she ain't made an appearance yet. I can offer several reasons why, but I will hold for the moment.
deepgirl said:
"Damnit indeed. But then, I don't really think of Angel as Joss's show. It seemed to be more David Greenwalt's thing."

Not to diminish his substantial contributions, seeing as he pretty much created the character during Buffy Season 1 and was there from the beginning, but since Greenwalt left Angel at the end of Season 3, I kinda see that series as having many parents. Joss, David, Tim Minear undoubtedly, aaand...who else ? Wasn't Jeffrey Bell in control for a bit there ? Or Steve DeKnight ? David Fury ? I can't remember who was mostly running the show those last two seasons, though I know Minear wasn't on Season 5 and Joss seemed to have a heavier hand in Angel than he had during some of the previous seasons (season that felt the least Joss-like ? Probably Season 3...though did he write any of that, aside from "Waiting in the Wings" ?).

No crossovers ? Good. I'm not sure whether I'll be getting Angel: After the Fall yet, though if I do it'll undoubtedly be in collected form/trade paperback editions. To be fair, I think Joss, Scott Allie, and the folks at IDW understand that not everyone who's a fan of one property is a fan of the other. Or even if they are, perhaps aren't willing to follow both in comic book form. So they wouldn't stick us with a back-and-forth style crossover ping-ponging between monthly issues of the two. Those can be annoying. On TV shows that aired back-to-back on the same network for two seasons, no huge deal and no effort involved following a crossover (no extra money spending required either), the best example of one still being (IMO) the Faith arc in Buffy Season 4/Angel Season 1.
I think a while back,Joss himself said in a interview that he didn't want to crossover the stories forcing some readers to buy both series when they only wanted to buy one.He compared it to the big company wide crossovers that DC and Marvel have been doing so much of lately and that he kept his Astonishing X-Men series free of.

He indicated that when a "crossover" happens that it will be more standalone like.That's how I figure it will be when he does uses Angel and Spike in season 8.It won't tie-in to Angel:After The Fall at all.You can just read season 8 and when they are used, you don't need any knowledge of what has been happing or has happened in After The Fall.It's possbile that the events of Angel:After The Fall might already be over anyway.Waitng until After The Fall wraps might also help that out.

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Tabz, just listened to that interview earlier today! Very well done! I really don't want to cry like a baby over one issue of a comic book though ;)

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