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May 21 2003

Joss Whedon posts at the Bronze Beta. "I see now that I was shackled by Buffy, and now I'm free. Which, oddly enough, is not how I feel."

God knows what's going through his mind *hugs Joss*.

That was a very Xander-like post, covering up the pain with a snarky bit of humor. Nice to get a last dig at us spoiler whores, though. I wonder if he went to the Ain't it Cool Buffy Bash?
Yeah, big hugs for Joss---bittersweet end, for now, anyway.
I was there and he did not although Amber Benson & James Leary (Clem) did show up. I won the S4 DVDs in a raffle which was wicked cool.
How many people were at the AICN party, and was the atmosphere like :)?
I'm jealous!!! I wish I lived in LA instead of boring Boston (go SOX!). I'm dying to hear everything about the Buffy Bash!
Joss Whedon once said Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a modern myth which conveys this thought to its audience: "Everybody who made it through adolescence is a hero," but in the finale he added a caveat: that to be a hero, one has to claim it. One has to make that choice. To be a hero to oneself, and to those one loves, one has to accept as a given one is already a hero, aka a "slayer of evil," and not shirk from that responsibility.

If I walk away from "Buffy" with anything, it's that truism. What Buffy tried to say to us in a nutshell: Everybody has the potential to be a hero, if they only choose to be." Thank you Joss, wherever you are. May that beer be refreshing, and may the rest of your life include pleasant surprises.
I was also at the Buffy Bash last night. There were almost 500 people on the guestlist, and there was also a sign-in sheet for people who wanted to join the party on-the-spot.

There were three girls, armed with a digital videocamera and sound equipment, shooting footage for a documentary they're working on based on Buffy fandom.

There were music videos and seasonal montages that aired prior to the finale, and the two girls who put the videos together (they also aired at Creation's Grand Slam convention back in March) gave a plug for their site (wish I could remember what the URL was).

I was annoyed at the bad reception when the finale aired (you'd think a posh place like that would have cable or DirectTV!), and unfortunately in a group setting and with the acoustics being what they were, many of us missed out on a lot of the dialogue (so I had to go home and rewatch it to hear what I had missed).

As unitas said, Amber Benson and James C. Leary were in the lobby, and poor Amber was mobbed by fans wanting photos and autographs. The only other actor who made an appearance was the "Littlest Slayer" (the baseball player in the finale), who with Amber and James, pulled raffle tickets for prizes. Sadly, Joss Whedon, nor any of the other Mutant Enemy people, did not show up.

I noticed two guys in suits who walked in during the raffle, who definitely had the air of being either network or studio executives, and they were checking out the party and commenting on how nicely it was put together.

I'm surprised that UPN 13 didn't send a news crew down to cover the finale. But maybe that's a good thing because when the supermodel show aired at 9:00 PM after Buffy, everyone started booing. Thankfully it was switched to the season finale of 24 soon thereafter.
Ah-ha, remembered what that URL was:

The Buffy/Spike Pop-up Video was a definite hit.

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