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October 06 2007

Buffy Between The Lines episode one now online. This highly anticipated fan audio drama is set between Buffy seasons 5 and 6 and is well worth a listen.

Kudos to those involved in the making of it, I love that kind of fan thing.

Listening to it now, Simon. The first act caught my attention for sure. All smiles.
Oh gosh, that was so excellent. An encore please!
Xander's voice was perfect! I think this was a very nifty idea.

And Simon, exactly what kind of fan thing? How about the fan-made trivia contests? Or are you just into podcasts and audio dramas?
Giles' voice sort of sounds like Joss. Like a lot.
Wow! Just wow! How I loved this. Highly recommended!
And Simon, exactly what kind of fan thing?

Where fans do something different i.e. not run of the mill malarkey.
Whoever is doing Dawn is spot-on. Second place ties for Xander's and Anya's voices.

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