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October 06 2007

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sketch Book #1. It's a collection of "thumbnails, preliminary sketches, never before seen sketches and other miscellaneous drawings" from the first four issues of Buffy season 8. And it's for sale over at Georges Jeanty's website.

Ooh. Nice.

... Is that US-only shipping or international?
Well, I think I'll buy that!
I just e-mailed for purchase info and asked about International orders. I'll let you know what I hear if someone doesn't beat me to it.
That's so weird she didn't save that material for the eventual trade paperback of the series.
Maybe this is in addition to any extras appearing in the trade ? Tempting because i'm quite curious to see the pencils before inking/colouring but $20 is maybe a wee bit steep for 32 pages (I know it's art and so more "bang" per page but still - be good to hear about international shipping just in case though, ta Bobbi).

(and Georges Jeanty is a man willbueche, not to be confused with Jo Chen who's doing the standard covers and isn't - a man that is ;)
Please note that the e-mail address in the link is wrong.
That's odd, it's the same one on his contact page.
I'm not sure if its wrong or not, but I do know that he uses a different email address as well. We've used a different one to contact for my site and he uses the different one for all of his updates for
Sorry, I wasn't clear. The link says "georges@..." but if you click on it you get "geroges@...".

If you click on it, correct the typo before you send.

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Georges knows about the error on the e-mail link and is trying to get it corrected. He also said that he's looking into international postage, so I asked him to let me know so that I can pass it on here.

When you e-mail him about purchasing the sketch book, he send you his mailing address. Payment is by check or money order.
He also said he's open to suggestions, but he's doing mostly Buffy head sketches.

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