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October 08 2007

"Joss Whedon planning Office massacre". New details about his next episode.

I don't usually watch The Office, because I find it more depressing than funny. But I'd watch the massacre episode. Less depressing, more funny. Wry murders!
I think the use of the word 'massacre' is a bit, errr, TOO much.

I was having a blonde moment there and all I could see in my mind from that heading were bodies flying all over Joss's OWN office.
I though for a frightful moment that someone had forgotten to replace the toner, again.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that the author of that article didn't really GET the joke. (Anyway, if Joss was to kill off anyone, it'd be Dwight. God, it'd almost be like suicide!)
Nobody mixes office politics with bloody mayhem like Joss. Sounds like good times. I'm a little surprised, though. The way things have been going so far this season, I would've expected a Kelly-Ryan slaughterfest first. ;)
Jim kills Pam in episode 6 or 10? Halloween perhaps?
I honestly don't know if I could ever forgive Joss if he killed Jim or Pam. I got over Tara, but, nope...I'd have to hold a serious grudge over Jam.
Actually, I think he was turning a chaos demon loose on the set. That Joss is a sly one;)
Was the photo accompanying the article from Joss's VM appearance?

Also, anyone willing to calculate for me the airdate of this 6th/10th episode? Thanks!
YAAY. I could never forgive Joss if he killed Jim or Pam. I am still not over the death of Fred. And Anya! And Wash!

And yes, he's probably joking. If anything, he'd kill Michael. Or Creed.
Okay, first off: Called it.

Second, can't wait.
Don't forget Tara and Joyce. And Buffy twice!
It looks like this episode will be on Nov. 1st, so it's probably Halloween-themed.
I think the author realized how much Mr Whedon loves to mix the serious with the funny. So when Ausiello thought "joke", he started getting paranoid waiting for the other (serious) boot to fall.
I'd love to see Creed go down in some horrible toner related death. Maybe a poisoning from his new hair color.
I never minded how many people Joss bumped off on BtVS, but I'll never forgive him for killing Wash (he can wipe out the entire cast of 'The Office' though, I'm totally cool with that).
Ooh, Zombie Office!
Anyone else notice they changed his pic on the article? It was originally a set pic of Joss in Veronica Mars.
No way! Go figure, wondering where that came from.
I honestly don't know if I could ever forgive Joss if he killed Jim or Pam. I got over Tara, but, nope...I'd have to hold a serious grudge over Jam.

So there. I was actually saying on Buffistas the other day, if Joss directs an episode and Pam goes near a window, I'm gonna be in fear.
No sarchophigi (is that right?)either. And the chances of Reavers or UberVamps showing up at Dunder-Mifflin are pretty slim, not impossible in Joss's hands of course, but slim.

[ edited by skeezycheeses on 2007-10-08 21:05 ]
Yea if he actually did try to kill Pam or Jim...we'd have some problems, lol. But I could totally see him trying to kill people off...its Joss, lol. Someone mention a Kelly-Ryan slaughter....that I can see...CANT WAIT!
Slightly OT, but can I just say, in light of all the 'supposeds' and 'he shoulds', I miss Joss. It's been over a month since his last appearance here. The only thing making this bearable is the thought that maybe he's just so busy creating something new for us that he's gone into hiding. Ho hum .
I hear ya skeezycheeses...Oh, and if Jam was hurt....I would have to punch something. I like your idea best regarding Creed's bad dye job :)

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