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October 08 2007

Christian Kane's Smoke Signals about his new TNT series and the Cubs. Chris rants about his Cubbies getting knocked out of the playoff's and a new series for TNT called 'Leverage'. He also mentions that their are some new Kane songs posted at the bands myspace page, for people to listen to.

Here's a Variety article about Leverage getting the greenlight.

Here's the highlights of the article about Leverage.

TNT has given the go-ahead to production of "Leverage," a pilot directed and produced by Dean Devlin about a team of five high-tech thieves who circle the globe to rob from wealthy criminals, corrupt businessmen and venal politicians.

On "Leverage," Devlin and lead writer of the script John Rogers ("Transformers") said in a joint interview that their goal is to deliver the kind of action-adventure spirit found in Devlin's two high-rated "Librarian" movies on TNT: "Quest for the Spear" and "Return to King Solomon's Mines."

"Leverage" is one of four scripted hourlong pilots that TNT will look at toward the end of the year, choosing at least one to go into production in March for scheduling in the summer along with the net's scripted-series hits "The Closer" and "Saving Grace."

One of the other scripted series TNT has greenlighted is the legal drama by Steven Bochco that will co-star J August Richards.

But if two of the pilots appear worthy of a series greenlight, TNT would create a second night of scripted originals.

I hope it's Chris and JAR's shows that TNT picks up.

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I feel his pain about the Cubbies. Since my beloved Twinkies didn't make it to the playoffs, I was really hoping for a Cub/BoSox series.
According to Christian's Smoke Signals blog, the series is already in production. To which i say "Yay, Christian back on a TV series". The premise sounds fun (from the Variety article, apparently written before the show was cast), kind of a contemporary, high-tech Robin Hood.
The Variety article was writen back on 8/31.
No sympathy here. My Diamondbacks just demolished the Cubs on every level, and after listening to the bragging of the Cubs fans, I enjoyed every bit of it.

But Leverage sounds pretty cool.
I had to giggle at Chris' rant. I'm from Colorado.

Loved the new songs. Now if only they'd release the new CD already!!!

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