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October 09 2007

Alan Tudyk to star in new NBC pilot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the pilot is about two rival lawyers and Alan's character is described as slick and gregarious.

And starring Andrew Lincoln as well. Nice one, hope it gets picked up.

I'm glad he's not starring as a new NBC pilot, because we all know how that would end.

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Well, at least it wouldn't be a new FOX pilot...
You can't take the sky from MEEEE!!

Oh, sorry. Here's hoping it gets picked up.
Hmm, not sure if this is different enough from the 14 million other lawyer shows to really grab me but it might be doing the "Life"/"House" thing of renewing an old formula through the lead characters being original. Hope so. And either way, it's work so good for Alan (also, he's shown pretty decent judgement in his previous choices, probably worth extending the benefit of the doubt).

("Teachers" was never quite the same after Lincoln left, good actor, one of those guys that engenders sympathy even while acting a complete tosser)
"Shark" is already using the "House" formula. This is a legal thriller (hopefully) like "Damages"...
Hmm. Why do I recall hearing that Alan was going to be in a lawyer pilot before? Sono crazy, perhaps?

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